1st Class Hon…estly, Just Shut Up

The Tab’s resident misanthrope names and shames the Uni’s worst exam result tweeters.

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Yep, it’s that time of year again. Last semester’s exam results just came out, and by now you’ll either be celebrating that your hard work paid off, or you’ll be drowning your sorrows with cheap lager.

There’s been a number of firsts this time around. the Uni has sensibly decided to email students their exam results rather than relying on the crash-prone SPIDER, but has also blundered by releasing the results a day early.

However, what’s really been notable about this semester’s results is the sheer amount of ego-stroking, circlejerking and virtual autofellatio that has consumed Liverpool’s Twittersphere.

This reporter got a respectable 68 average, so can’t really be accused of being a bitter 2:2er. Even if you’ve done well, there’s no excuse for this sort of shameless boasting:

This gent’s bio says “Part time student. Full time big deal.” He’s a full time something else too.

Kooky and sarcastic, but with an undercurrent of boastful smuggery. Vintage bullshit.

3 people favorited this. THREE.

“Oooooooh, look at me, I’ve been to Paris and I’m more intelligent than you.”

If you say your success wasn’t expected, then it’s OK to boast to everyone. Classic humblebrag.

A classic from the Tab’s sports editor. We all know who the willy is here and it ain’t Shakespeare.

Well played, Sir. The only acceptable type of exam results tweet.

Ironic that that hashtag makes me want to slash my throat open.

“hashtagsmash” sounds like something the Rugby lads would chant after 2 pints in Walkabout.


Even The Tab’s editor couldn’t help himself, the smug editing twat.

For anyone who’s wanting more, The Guild are retweeting every exam results tweet and their current timeline is a treasure trove of shit. You’re welcome.

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