Guild bans Tab from election meetings

‘Exclusivity’ agreement allows only university-approved media coverage

With the Guild elections coming up, you’d hope LGOS would want to do everything they could to promote this year’s candidates and get us voting.

But when The Tab contacted LGOS to arrange coverage, we were surprised to receive this response from Emily Spurrell, the Orwellian-sounding ‘Representation and Democracy Co-ordinator’:

“Unfortunately our own student media groups have exclusivity so we would be unable to give you any access to meetings or briefings as all coverage is being done by them”

The Tab is intrigued to know how exclusive media coverage of elections is consistent with ‘Representation and Democracy Co-ordination’.

LGOS takes a ‘President Putin approach’ to democracy

The turnout at last year’s Guild elections was a paltry 30%. More Liverpool students read The Tab in the last three days.

LSMedia are the group approved by LGOS to offer the first news on elections. It’s almost like they don’t want you to vote.

But don’t worry, The Tab will save you from this sort of thing by offering our own unofficial elections coverage. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s release of News On Booze has sparked a campaign to elect Mike Wilkinson (Red Shirt) as our next Guild President.

During the video Mike can be seen to drunkenly express his inspiring ideas and Liverpool Uni students have been quick to pledge their support:

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