How Bear He?!

Student loses V-day bet and takes teddy bear on romantic date

date Manna Chinese smithdown Spotted: Smithdown Road teddy bear valentine's day

Third year, Jack Swanson, enjoyed a romantic meal for two this Valentine’s Day in Manna Chinese… with a giant teddy bear.

The couple were seen partaking in a ‘Lady and the Tramp’ style meal, sharing one meal between the two of them.

The picture, sent into Spotted: Smithdown Road, shows the two getting to know each other on an intimate first date.

Blockbuster ‘Ted’ has come to Smithdown

The singleton, unable to find a date for Valentine’s Day, then had to take a friend’s teddy bear out for a meal.

An anonymous source, very close to Jack, told The Tab:

“It’s funny because he’s actually a really shy, kind of awkward guy so I bet he’s so embarrassed.”

The Tab contacted Jack, who said:

“I said a while back that it wouldn’t matter if I was alone on Valentines Day because I’d just take my mates (Richard Tyson’s) stuffed dog Rex out for dinner.

“I thought/hoped that comment would just be forgotten but I got a text on Valentine’s Day saying that if I didn’t have any other plans then Rex was really looking forward to the date and I couldn’t let him down. I didn’t have any other plans, so I didn’t let him down.

“The date went pretty well, Rex wasn’t that talkative but I just put that down to first date nerves. I’m not too sure if there will be a second, stuffs got pretty awkward because he spends most nights in bed with Richard Tyson.”


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