Smithdown Shake

LURFC gets on the latest dance craze

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Internet trends move pretty quickly, but the Harlem Shake is just ridiculous.

The original video that kicked the whole thing off was only posted on the 2nd of February, and already the trend has millions of views and has spawned countless imitations from all over the world.

The formula is pretty simple. Set to Bauuer’s trap masterpiece, the videos usually start with a single dancing figure in a room full of oblivious people. When the drop comes, everyone in the room starts flailing around like crazy, and the video ends soon after.




With Harlem Shake videos rarely being longer than 40 seconds, it’s no wonder they’re becoming more and more popular amongst procrastinating students.

It may be premature, but the Harlem Shake’s looking like it could be the next Gangnam Style – huge for a couple of weeks, and then incredibly annoying. Still, The Tab is gonna embrace it while it lasts.

Versions have cropped up everywhere – across America’s college campuses, in the Norwegian Army, and now in the heart of Liverpool’s student ghetto.




Always pioneering new trends, Liverpool Uni has jumped on the bandwagon, with the lads from the rugby club filming theirs in what looks like the front room of a Smithdown terrace.

LURFC’s version has everything you’d expect from a Harlem Shake video, as well as those two rugby club staples – toplessness and weightlifting. It’s a must-see.




In future, maybe LURFC should stick to making videos than trying to engage in twitter feuds.

Are you in a society and fancy grabbing a bit of that Harlem Shake glory for yourself? Send The Tab a link to your video and we’ll put you in a feature.

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