Pause Perfection

The Tab reviews Liverpool’s first ever solely UK Garage and Old School House night at The Shipping Forecast.

There was no time to PAUSE on Monday January 25 when the Shipping Forecast brought the sensational sounds of UK Garage and Old Skool House to The Hold.

Reaching capacity within an hour and a half of opening, the place was pumping. At half eleven when organiser and resident DJ John Mcandrew dropped Love Shy, the electronic and percussive rhythm went straight through everyone, and almost in unison, each person raised their hands as if to say, ‘Thank You’.

Thank you Pause for finally bringing the sounds of the 90s back to Liverpool.

Thank you Pause

John Mcandrew said: “On the night I was working on the door until half 11, the start of my set. I was taking over the reins from Andy who finished his set with KP & Envyi – Shorty Swing My Way – this set the bar for me.”

I started with more sing along tracks and then got deeper, but the crowd knew every song – nobody was there by mistake. Finally, it was time for Chalet + Whistleblowa to cap off what had already been a top night and they didn’t disappoint, mixing in a club solely relying on vinyl records is something very few can do, but these guys were flawless.”

The energy was crazy and the cobbled floor shook as retro high-tops thumped against it.

As a sober student in the silent street outside, the only thing to do was to look through the condensation of sweat on the windows to see 200 people doing a two-step spasm to what would be their saviours, the residents.

Here’s what you missed – nobody will blame you if you want to recreate the scene in your bedroom:

Student Jordan Davies said: “PAUSE was bangin’!  It was a fresh new night, something Liverpool has been waiting for and an ultimate crowd pleaser.”

With Red Stripe flowing (the cheapest drink choice and of course most classy) £3 for five hours of incredible playtime if you arrived before half eleven, £4 after, the night definitely delivered.

Towards the end the tone changed slightly when Chalet and Whistleblowa went a little deeper, keeping the dynamics high and bouncing off the crowds reactions, giving them exactly what they wanted.

“We are both blown away how the first night went, and very grateful at the same time. It’s not easy to start a night in any big city and for the first one to sell out definitely boosts confidence moving forward,” John told The Tab.

The Tab will judge personally you if you decide not to go to the next PAUSE on February 25 to experience its one-off atmosphere and alternative scene.


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