Happy Birthday AU!

Our Tab camera hits the ladies loos to check out the totty.

au Revs sport university of liverpool Walkabout

Last night saw the return of hundreds of students in Concert Square, once again leaving their monthly trail of boozy brawls, cheesy pulling tekkers and questionable fancy dress outfits.

And AU really did celebrate its coming of age in style. Those keen enough to brace Walkabout at 9pm were greeted with birthday cake and free shots, while the bucking bronco left many with dodgy tummies and sore thighs.

Who knew Brownies were still a thing

Despite having a few tickets left to sell on the door, unlike the last three AUs, Revs seemed especially packed as students battled their way from the dance floor to the bar.

As the first one of the new year and of the new term, everyone was extra eager to kick start 2013’s round of AU nights.

Those who stuck around until the end obviously didn’t have their eyes on the prize. It really is a tragic tale when you’re the only one left trying to pull at 3am.

Loving life 2k13

Fortunately, costume themes were a great improvement on Christmas’ less than average show.

The Tab’s favourites included:

•Cheerleaders, ironically dressed as nuns
•Karate as Indiana Jones vs Lara Croft
•Trampoliners making Pringles even tastier

Superstar Trampoliner, Elly Mangan-Ballin

Didn’t make our Tab Totty?  You’ll just have to up your game for March AU.


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