Dodgy Es hit North-West

Exams may be over, but take it easy on the Es everyone as contaminated batch of pills hits Liverpool

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Dodgy Es have killed three men in the North-West and concern grows around the effects of dangerous drugs in Liverpool.

A Liverpudlian mad died in the city over the weekend after taking a contaminated pill.

Police say his death could be linked to those of two Wigan men who died in similar circumstances.

Detective Chief Inspector Howard Millington said: “Our main concern is that there may be a contaminated quantity of illegal drugs and if this goes unchecked it could result in further deaths.

“The drugs are believed to be Ecstasy tablets, heart shaped in purple, green, yellow and blue.”

Greater Manchester Police have arrested two men in their 30’s on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug.

Meanwhile, stories about students and another dodgy drug have begun to emerge. The Class A hallucinogen 2CB is already popular in Europe and has begun to infiltrate Britain with fatal consequences.

2CB is becoming easier to source

Its popularity with students is growing as the heart-shaped tablets are becoming increasingly easy to buy on the internet.

2CB, also known as Seventh Heaven and 7-UP, is not yet widely used in Britain, although it is becoming easier to get hold of.

Two UWE students have been hospitalised after taking the drug.  One eyewitness informed The Tab of the horrific scenes he saw:

“He was screaming and shaking, saying he could see the devil and that his brain was hurting.”

Students in Newcastle were also been hospitalised after taking 2CB.

Emergency services in Newcastle were called out to the men in the early hours of the morning

Anyone who has taken the drug is advised to seek urgent medical attention or Talk to Frank.

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