The Best of ‘Uni Confessions’

We look back at the best confessions of the past 4 months

Way back in October 2012, Liverpool Unay Confessions emerged – a place where you could vent your most disgusting and embarrassing stories for all to see. So it’s pretty much the grandfather of Spotted: Liverpool Uni Library.

Over the past few months there have been some incredible confessions. They’ve made us laugh, cry, and cradle our genitals in horror (snapped banjos, anyone?). Here’s a small selection of our favourites. Let’s all hope for another semester of incredible stories.

I wouldn’t worry about it mate, Mac users are too busy writing emotional poetry and smelling their own farts to care about what laptop you’re using.

The things we do to ourselves to potentially pull some vaguely indie looking girl at 5am in Bumper. Chin up, mate.

I would happily take a childhood of growing up in region full of unemployment and poor prospects over being a massive wanker any day.

For every lad that manages to get lucky at Carnage, there’s 10 others who’ll end up sharing their bed with only a kebab, crying themselves to sleep. We feel your pain, brother.

Was it really the acclaimed British grime artist, or just a bloke with a big knob and a penchant for petty theft? We can’t say. (Mostly for legal reasons)

You don’t see many German kids called ‘Hitler’ these days, shame.

…and they never made eye contact again.


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