The Student Wardrobe: Jeans

What to wear when everything else is in the wash.

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Some people believe you shouldn’t wash your jeans within a year of buying them new, whereas others like to head to the laundrette to make sure they’re looking fresh. Either way, jeans are a wardrobe staple, and you shouldn’t let them lie unworn. Let’s face it, they’re warmer than tights.


How The Tab wears

Forgoing traditional indigo or black dye, The Tab favours something a little more pastel for a post-SJ stretch of the legs around Falkner Square. It could be bordering on twee, but the black accents and cut-out detailing on the side of the leg helps to step out of quaint territory.


How fashion bloggers wear

AW’s heritage trend is captured perfectly by Jazmine. Her classic look is modernised with cranberry accents, resulting in an outfit The Tab would love to wear wandering down Lark Lane.

Smiley Kim has gone on an adventure in hers, paired with a jacket sure to keep the cold at bay. The benefit of wearing a “practical” outfit means you can climb trees/scale Baa Bar Fleet St’s stairs without fear.

These vintage acid-wash jeans are just the right amount of throw-back to the eighties (yep, it’s possible, you heard it here first). The Tab loves the way Carmen’s styled them with a leather jacket, as it’s pretty much the opposite to our girlie look.


Where to buy

American Apparel
Topshop (RIP to their “Pippa” style)


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