The Tab Meets ‘Spotted: Liverpool Uni Library’

The Tab talks to the minds behind the best Facebook page we’ve seen in ages.

Unless you’re a trendy twat or a hermit who doesn’t have Facebook, you’ll know about ‘Spotted: Liverpool Uni Library‘, a page where people can submit messages about people in the library who turn them on, make them laugh, or make them want to punch people, and have them posted anonymously for everyone to see.

It’s a craze that’s sweeping the nation, with every major uni across the country having an equivalent. The page has doubled its likes since New Year, currently sitting at 3,230 and showing no signs of slowing down.

Whether they’re telling a bloke in the SJ to stop eating his crisps so loudly, or inviting Cameron Diaz lookalikes to a pants party, the creators of this page are providing Liverpool students with some much-needed relief from exam stress, as well as giving them an outlet to share their thoughts.

Speaking via Facebook to protect their secret identity, The Tab got in touch with the owner of Liverpool’s ‘Spotted’ page to ask a few questions.

Sleeping students are always a favourite

The Tab: What gave you the idea for the page?

Spotted: I saw that my friends from Scottish universities were liking their uni’s ‘Spotted’ pages, and when I searched Facebook for the Liverpool one, there wasn’t one so I thought it would be a good idea to start it. It’s a nationwide thing and I didn’t want our uni missing out, and by the response to the page, students feel the same.

Do you know of any dates/relationships/one night stands that have come about as a result of someone’s submission?

I don’t know of any dates/relationships/one night stands that have come about but some lad has used post it notes to chat someone up and 2 people who have a common interest in Pokemon should hopefully get together.

For anyone who does decide to hook up after they’ve been spotted – where’s the best place to have sex in the library?

Everyone has their own preferences. Toilets, stairs, under a desk, behind a bookshelf, wherever you feel comfortable really.

What’s your favourite submission?

The photo where some absolute legend brought a rabbit to the library!

The world-famous library rabbit

Which library has the best submissions?

Sydney Jones wins hands down. There have been messages sent in about Toastie machines, people walking in acting like big dogs, post its, most of the stuff I post actually.

Which library has the most attractive people?

They’re both equally attractive cos our whole uni is filled with gorgeous students!

Have the Guild been in contact with you? You only need to look at the death of the ‘Sydney Jones Fitty Feed’ (RIP) to see that they don’t take too kindly to fun.

Yeah, they contacted the page yesterday asking to remove the logo as it gives off the impression that it is endorsed by the uni which is fair enough. They also don’t want people posting offensive or sexually explicit material which would put off students from attending the library at such an important time.

Are there any submissions that you wouldn’t post?

I don’t post messages which are really stalkerish and creepy. Also, ones where people attack every single detail about a person. Facebook has the power to make someone feel very bad about themselves in a way which could end badly for the individual.

How much time do you spend in the library?

I’ve only been to the library a couple of times over the years when my laptop has given me problems. I get distracted just as easily in the library as I do at home so really don’t see the point in wasting time and energy getting to the library when I can do the same amount of work at home. Plus, it’s ridiculously hard to get space in the library during the exam period.

What’s your top priority at the moment – exams or the page?

Haha, I’ve been trying to study for the exams but the amount of notifications and messages I get through, its hard to stay off for long! If I fail my exams, this is why! This page is just something light which everyone can enjoy while students are under the stress of exams and I’m glad it’s keeping people entertained and happy.

On behalf of everyone who’ll spend this weekend locked in the library, thank you.