Uni Fails To See The Funny Side

Touchy Uni get ‘Sydney Jones Fitty Feed’ page removed from Facebook and attempt to ban another

Whilst The Tab have been enjoying taking a break from seminar reading to have a glance at the ‘Sydney Jones Fitty Feed’, it seems Uni weren’t so happy.

Only a few weeks after the page was created, useful for bringing some entertainment to a library session, Liverpool University posted to threaten disciplinary action if the page was not removed.

It appears that students will no longer benefit from directions around Sydney Jones towards the best seats to plant themselves in for the evening.

In another move by the staff at the university, the ‘Liverpool Unay Confessions’ was also targeted in their online crackdown.

A cautionary notice from the uni could be found hidden amongst the tales of drunken sexual experiences on the recently created page.

The owners of the page have dodged the university’s attempts by removing all official references to the institution.

It is left for The Tab to suggest that Liverpool Uni might consider applying a sense of humour to its future decisions…