Liverpool one of the UK’s safest cities

Everyone needs to calm down, Liverpool is safer than Birmingham. Official.

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Despite its national reputation, Liverpool has been revealed as being one of Britain’s safest cities.

Liverpool 2nd safest city behind Newcastle

Scousers have earned themselves a thug-like reputation nation-wide, leaving the rest of the country wary of the goings on in Liverpool.

However, figures released by the UK Statistics Authority only show Newcastle as being safer.

Based on offences recorded by all of England’s police forces, cities such as Birmingham, London and Manchester have more car crimes and burglaries per person than Liverpool.

Ladywood, Birmingham is notoriously rough

In 2011/2012, only six in 1000 were victims of car crime compared to England’s second city, Birmingham, which had 50% more car crime than Liverpool.

MP for Liverpool, Steve Rotheram welcomed the news.  He said:

“After these figures, those who continue to perpetuate the stereotypes of going to Liverpool and finding their hub caps stolen will have their work cut out convincing others.  Liverpool is one of the safest metropolitan areas in the country.”

Student Living

Although the figures mark Liverpool out as safe, the student areas of Smithdown and Kensington leave a lot to be desired.

A man was gunned down on Smithdown Road back in January 2011

As they are poorer areas on the outskirts of the city, they are ideal for students as the accommodation is cheap and in abundance.

Smithdown Road was closed during the riots of 2011

Yet the high student population results in the areas being targeted by thieves who see student houses as gold mines.

It is no wonder seeming as a four bed student house is guaranteed to contain four laptops amongst other gadgets.

In August 2012, the UK Crime Statistics revealed that L18, located by Carnatic Halls, had a total of 119 crimes.

12% of those crimes were related to burglary whilst 33% referred to Anti-Social Behaviour.

The details of those crimes can be found on the following website:

Parts of Kensington are now derelict


Distinguished by the Liverpool/Everton rivalry, accent and love of fake tan, the stereotype looks set to remain despite the statistics.

The Twitter account @ScouseBirdProbs has over 45,000 followers, notorious for mocking Liverpudlians.  One tweet said:

“Ay girl what’s that perfume ur wearin?  Is it eau de St Moriz?”

‘Desperate Scousewives’ star Amanda was known for her love of rollers

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