Why are you dressed so scary?

Kids are trick or treating, teenagers are egging houses, and girls are wondering if their outfit is just too revealing.

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When money is scarce, Smiffy’s isn’t an option, so wardrobe scrounging is the key – unfortunately “sexy zebra” happens when the only slightly nice thing you have is a zebra print basque. There are many ways you can get it right (or wrong), so let The Tab help you sift through your floordrobe.

The Pumpkin: this season’s ultimate accessory.

At a house party

Depending on the theme, this is your chance to go all out. Heels are pointless as you’ll either get asked to take them off so they don’t damage the landlord’s precious floor, or you’ll be too embroiled in spooky twister to care. As you’re amongst friends, you may as well be comfortable, so think distressed military boots or dolly shoes. Outfit wise, if you want to keep it casual and not too Halloween, work a black lace dress (can’t go wrong). LBDs are classic, and the lace will add a gothic edge. Keep the makeup vampy with blood red lips, pale face and heavily lined eyes – it’s Halloween! Tights – laddered, patterned or plain – finish the look off, so you don’t have fake tanned legs and then pale face (nightmare!). The key to a house party look is to keep it comfortable but chic. The vampire look involves little effort, is easy to maintain, and looks sassy!

Means Girls, annual inspiration

At a club

If you’re planning a night on the town ramp up the style stakes! Take inspiration from Ibiza’s Zoo project, with ornate face and body paint whilst keeping clothing simple. Or, if you take your style tips from Mean Girls, throw on a sexy baby doll, get a pair of ears and work that mouse/rabbit/*insert cute animal here* style. Halloween is a big deal in Liverpool, so if you’re not going scary, you may as well look hot. If you want the scary look, try white contact lenses to add deathly mystique: a big impact with little effort. You’ll have pre-drunk enough Bloody Marys to work heels, but make sure you can walk in them – falling over’s not scary, and it’s definitely not cool. As long as an effort has been made, people will appreciate it, so get your fake blood, contact lenses and endless accessories at the ready!

Here’s how the Medication girls dressed last year

At a bar

Having a nice cocktail on the Docks, but still want to get into the festive spirit? Keep to your normal night out outfit and add spooky accessories like spider earrings, a bespoke fascinator, and Halloween-inspired tights (spider webs are popular); fierce, but with a spooky edge. Compliment your killer look with a slick of red lippy or dark smoky eyes (but not both; it’s Halloween, but you still want to look elegant). When it comes to the Docks, class is key and adding frightening accessories will be enough.

Overall, wear what makes you feel confident, get in the festive spirit and keep away from any werewolf looking men – especially if it’s full moon!