Who did it better: pimps or hoes?

Carnage Liverpool is a rite of passage for the city’s students, and the t-shirt challenge gives every individual the chance to release their inner fashion darling.

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Well-known for stories of debauchery and resulting in weeklong hangovers, The Tab looks at how everyone from dentists to drama scholars chose to dress for the night to rival any other – Carnage. 

Before getting to Concert Square, The Tab saw its first examples of customization, with novel use of neon paint added to the mix. The boys didn’t seem to have taken the opportunity to shred their £10 t-shirts, but the girls were more up for it.

Heading into the heart of Carnage showed me where the extroverts were planning to spend their Sunday night. Ryan tackled the pimps theme head-on, letting his orange t-shirt fade into insignificance against his purple and zebra print combination.

Being told “we really ought to do this properly.” young “Chief” demanded The Tab find him a pimp in the form of John. Here they display how pimps and hoes can live harmoniously.

Steph and Hollie were perfect examples of classic Carnage customization: Steph shredded the bottom of hers, inciting subtle tribal influences, whereas Hollie chose a more understated off the shoulder look.

Luke let his t-shirt do the talking, his pose parallels the quickness of his (or his flatmates’) wit written in permanent marker across his front and forehead.

Dispelling the belief that offcuts are good only for the bin, Curt shows us how to use the spare fabric to its full potential by wrapping it round his biceps.

The Tab loves how Rachel has tied material together to make the sleeves of her top: cute bows juxtaposed against the controversial ‘hoes’ theme chosen for the night’s event, and printed across their brows.

Josh and Matt show the girls how it’s not just the t-shirt that can make an outfit. Accessorizing with bunny ears, leopard print leggings, a blunt fringe and bright red lippy.

Chrissy, Hope and Rebecca keep it classy as they head between clubs, giving a nod to the subject with fishnet tights, and stockings.

Sticking with monochrome – a recurrent idea – Beth, Freya, and Eliza pair their signature Carnage tops with black hot pants, stockings, and a tan. The Tab loves how Eliza’s even managed to ensure her drink matches her shirt. Now that’s what I call accessorising!

On a night where the t-shirt does the talking, everyone made sure they had a sufficient beer jacket to show their innovative designs. With Liverpool Fashion Week coming up over the next few days, The Tab can’t help but wonder who’ll be showcasing their designs in seasons to come…