Saturday in Liverpool – A Tab Itinerary

The Tab’s guide a to culture-packed day out in Liverpool.


10.00-10.45: We begin with not too early a start, because we understand that a lie-in is a must for us students! Start at Bagel ‘a’ Gogo, where you have the choice of all different types of breakfast bagels. You won’t be disappointed, and full enough to crack on with the day!

10.45-11.15: Not far away from our breakfast venue is the World Museum. Before you start to cringe at the word ‘museum’ – it has a great Ancient Egyptian collection. So nip in for half an hour and have a quick look at all the

11.15-11.45: ….to the Walker Art Gallery, where you can see for yourself a recent Banksy sculpture which has made national headlines since it was first moved there.

11.45-12.30: Bold Street is home to many of Liverpool’s weird and wonderful shops and cafés. Treat yourself to some ‘50s American dining at Rockafella’s, which provides tasty burgers and classic American dishes.

12.30-13:30: With batteries recharged, have a wander a little further down the road to Liverpool’s Chinatown. See the famous Chinese arch, – it’s the biggest one in Europe and second biggest outside of China, I’ll have you know!

13.30-14.30: Now on to what I believe to be the best part of the city. The Beatles are Liverpool’s greatest export, so going to the Cavern Club on Matthew Street is a must.

You’ll find the most incredible atmosphere, alongside great drinks and live music eight days a week. It is truly heaven underground. Be sure to pick up a Cavern Club T-shirt and pose with the John Lennon statue on the way out!

14.30-15.15: The Cavern Pub is just opposite, so go and have a look at all of the music memorabilia. It may not be renowned for anything in particular but it’s worth having a wander round as it often gets overlooked. Then go underground again and look in the Lennon Bar, also an interesting little place. If you’re not quite Beatled out by now, go to the Beatles shop on the corner of Matthew Street and pick up a few records or Fab-Four knick-knacks.

15.15-17.15: Another Liverpool landmark is the Albert Dock – spend a few hours walking around. Wander into some of the lovely little gift shops and just enjoy a nice – albeit breezy – stroll. The Museum of Liverpool is also along the riverfront; if you like Sport and Music then this is the place for you.

17.15-18.45: Head over to Liverpool One and choose from the many eateries available…there’s definitely enough! Decide what you fancy and tuck in, most of them are upstairs, facing Chavasse Park. It’s well worth sitting and eating overlooking the park, especially around Christmas time, as there are often a lot of things going on, from live music to the Christmas fairground.

18.45+ This one consists of many options! Liverpool at night is all about personal choice, so here are some you could choose from:

Watch a play/show – The Playhouse always has something interesting on. As a student you can turn up on the night and pick up a ticket for a little as £5!

Go to a gig – the 02 Academy is an amazing venue, but keep an eye on smaller venues such as the Shipping Forecast.

Go to the cinema – FACT is always showing independent (as well as big budget) films.

Go clubbing – it has to be an option because one, we’re students and two, we’re in Liverpool! There are a ridiculous number of clubs – probably more than you could ever cover (or remember) in a lifetime. If you do choose to go out, then it’s probably a good thing there’s no Tab itinerary for Sunday…