The Bucket List

The Tab’s definitive list of Uni must-do’s

bucket list drink hangover sleep smoke three way kiss

There are countless University bucket lists out there, but which should you listen to when you’re living out your student days in Liverpool?

Here are a few very important goals that every fresher should aim to achieve before they graduate:

1 – Do the walk of shame / stride of pride

2 – Swear you will never touch a quadvod again. Later that night, be found on the floor, in Slater’s, after too many quadvods.

3 – Make a complete tit out of yourself singing drunken karaoke in Woody’s

4 – Lose your keys/bag/clothes/dignity at the Raz

5 – Sample 10 shots of adventurous tequila from CaVa – suck that lemon raw!

6 – Experiment with your own style  – The fashion stakes are high in Liverpool.

7 – Make pre-drinks worthwhile – almost to the point of not going in.

8 – Take up a new sport

9 – Spend 3 hours in Burger King as you’re too hungover to move.

10 – NEVER buy loo roll/straws/condiments/cutlery – use your initiative

11 – Do a morning shop (in somebody else’s kitchen)

12 – Try to attend one lecture a week

13 – All gather round one expensive cocktail in Aloha for a photo, because none of you can afford one.

14 – ALWAYS go to magnet on a Thursday

15 – Three way kisses are a must

16 – experiment…sexually

17 – Get with the token ugly guy/girl – just for a laugh

18 – Develop completely inappropriate relationships with your housemates

19 – Decide that you smoke for a bit.

20 – Decide that you don’t smoke…

21 – Have an incredible time