Lady Mountford wet for first day of term

Flash floods for Freshers on the first day of term

Going to lectures for the first time is nerve-racking enough, but for Freshers last week at Lady Mountford, getting into university on a Monday morning was even more of a struggle than usual.

After a night of heavy rain, flooding from a nearby drain blocked the main entrance for many students, threatening the building itself and blocking the exit to students.

Students resorted to Twitter and Facebook to express their shock at being stranded in their accommodation while they really should have been getting settled in at their first lectures.

Enthusiastic new Guild president Sam Butler was quick to try and resolve the problem, tweeting: ‘Have spoke to residence services about this, the drain should now be unblocked and water cleared’.

Lady Mountford House is home to 241 students and charges £119.00 per week. With prices like that, residents will be hoping for more harmonious conditions over the rest of the year.