‘Nazi’ society hounded off campus

BNP-linked society chased away after Freshers’ fair clash with protestors

A BNP-linked society was hounded off campus by protesters as they attempted to advertise to new students.

The right wing National Culturalists arrived at the Freshers’ Fair to distribute leaflets but were met by 15 ‘anti-facist’ demonstrators chanting: “Nazi scum off our streets”.

They say the group – led by second year politics student Jack Buckby – was accompanied by a “burly skinhead” relative, enlisted to protect him.

Skinhead…a ‘minder’ accompanied the group

Liverpool Antifascists claim they kettled and chased three members of the society, leaving them “shaking like shitting dogs”.

Police briefly intervened in the clash, and the National Culturalists eventually fled in a taxi.

The National Culturalists were forced to leave in a taxi

The enigmatic chairman of the Culturists is second year politics student Jack Buckby, regarded as a ‘future star of the far-right’.

Tweeting to 28 followers, Mr Buckby describes himself as a ‘Patriot, dreamer, music lover, artist & an aspirant of many things’.

He also advertises his National Culturist group on his Facebook page, appealing to members of UKIP and the BNP to join his cause for the paltry sum of £5.

BNP-linked.. Buckby with Nick Griffin.

Commenting on his blog, Buckby criticises the  ‘utopian idea of a mongrel state, a mongrel world and a coffee coloured global civilisation’.

It was some of these views that the National Culturists were promoting last Sunday before their actions were blocked by anti-fascist demonstrators.

The actions of the protestors was soon enough to drive the National Culturist from the scene, who caused controversy earlier in the year when they announced their intention to apply to be a Guild-affiliated society.


‘On drugs’

In response to the questions from The Tab, the National Culturists released a statement on their website.

They claim they were violently prevented from expressing their views freely in a public place by the protesters.

They also claimed that one of their opponents on campus was ‘on drugs’ due to his ‘foaming at the mouth and the look in his eye’.

Buckby signed off with the promise: ‘one thing is for certain – these thugs will not get an easy ride.’

In this bizarre video, the group explains some of its motives.


However, it appears some of the criticism is getting a bit much for their regional representative Craig Cooke.

He attempts to end some of the rumours circulating about his age, explaining for the camera: ‘I am not 12, I am turning 21 November’.

And he struggles several times to pronounce the word ‘distributed’, before explaining: ‘Sorry, i’ve had a few pints.’