The Barclays Extinction Rebellion graffiti is being treated as a criminal offence by the police

Meet the local team

Barclays bank was spray painted by climate change activists this week

The action was part of an international Extinction Rebellion campaign named ‘Paint the Streets’

The Brayford crossing footbridge has been delayed by literal YEARS. TWO YEARS.

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Racist messages graffitied on Lincoln uni campus stairs

The university have since removed the graffiti and say that racism and hate will not be tolerated

Protesters in Lincoln warn public of ‘a global climate emergency’

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£80 shoes, Xbox games, and cash: Post keeps disappearing from Cygnet Wharf

An estimated £600 worth of Christmas presents have gone missing alongside other items

‘Boob ball’ replaces dodgeball in breast cancer charity event

The event aimed to raise awareness for breast cancer charity, CoppaFeel