Clubbers of the week: We’re in a wintery heaven in week eleven

The thought of washing all the artificial snow out of my hair makes me want to cry

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, meaning nightclubs are now appropriately decked in over-the-top decor. From festive raves to ugly sweaters, Lincoln students have pulled it out of the bag again with some incredible photos for us all to look at.

Album Cover of the week

It’s giving early noughties Britpop

Runners up

A bloody big bauble for the holiday album art

Coldplay’s Afterglow could never rival an album like this one

Besties of the week

Near-on life-threatening squeezes from your bestie >>>>

Runners up

10/10 for the Christmas jumpers lads

You may have just met one another but this core memory will last you a lifetime

Creeper of the week

This creeper’s face is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time

Runners up

The guy in the back is barely registering what’s going on but still managed a perfect photobomb

Using the smoke as a creeper shield is a new one for me

Dancing Queen of the week

Santa knew how to move before he got old

Runners up

Sir is feeling the music almost a little too well

Bully’s found himself in one of those dance battles you see in Step Up

Hero of the week

There’s always one friend we can rely on to look after our coats when we forget to bring money for the cloakroom

Runners up

Your pose is very ‘I’m about to face my arch nemesis’ for someone who chooses to grip his stein like there isn’t a chance the entire contents will fall out

Heroes make sure their bestie gets their birthday shout out

Squad of the week

The laughter is coming through the image – that’s how much fun this squad is

Runners up

What does the pointing mean?????

A squad who know how to appreciate the fine art of accessories

Stunner of the week

Smiles all round from these stunners

Runners up

These stunners are happy to have made it to the front

I wish to exude this kind of energy on my nights out

Unhappy Clubber of the week

Santa’s little helpers not looking so helpful

Runners up

Sometimes you just hit that wall and you’re ready to go home

Are you trying to high five or are you shrugging her off? These photos provide me with more drama than an Eastenders Christmas special

WTF of the week

Dropping game in Lincoln really is a game

Runners up

Sleep clubber of the weeeeek

Are you… trying to eat the camera??

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Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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