Everything you’ll find in a Lincoln girls’ student house

You could build an army with those chilly’s bottles

Despite there being hair everywhere and endless empty shampoo bottles scattered around the bathroom, there is something wonderful about a house full of female friends. The unlimited wardrobe as you each swap and share and of course the shared makeup collection too for when you finally give up on that crusty concealer you’ve had since year eight. If you are lucky enough the enter any Lincoln ladies abode, then there is a checklist of items that all houses will have. From claw clips to polaroid’s, here is a list of every item you will find in a Lincoln girls’ student house.

Travel containers

There is nothing girls love more than travel containers and it is mandatory that there is one for every occasion. Whether it is an emotional support water bottle that gets washed once a month, or an overpriced Starbucks cup that was bought as an aesthetic reward for actually going to study, each has a story and a purpose. Be warned, if you dare to come between a girl and her water bottle, then prepare to be banned from the household.

Cosy blankets

There is quite simply nothing a blanket can’t solve. Boyfriend cheated on you? Here’s a blanket. You failed your exam? No worries, there’s a blanket in my room. It is true that girls love to be cosy, and snuggling up in a fluffy, oversized blanket is an essential, especially for when the periods have inevitably linked in the household.

Polaroid wall

A polaroid wall can be found in the most iconic of houses, and is the perfect decorative piece for those who see everyday as a photo opportunity. The odd Trebles photobooth pic is likely to make an appearance too, as a four pound photo-shoot never seems too steep after a few triple vodka’s.

Gin, gin and more gin

Can you tell we are a fan of Gordon’s? The gin collection often sits boastfully on the kitchen counter or on top of the fridge, displaying to all guests that not only are you lavish ladies but are also borderline binge drinkers. Saying no to a new, fruity, pastel bottle of Gordon’s is almost as hard as saying no to a free puppy, it would just be unethical. Bonus points for having multiple flavours that each match a different mood.

Claw clips

As previously mentioned, hair is often a fiend in a girls’ house. The perfect way to combat this is by owning at least ten claw clips so your hair can be shoved up in any given moment. These clips invade all areas of the house and can be found in-between the sofa cushions, in the bathroom sink and quite possibly in the cutlery drawer. You never know when you’re going to need to put your hair up, so one must be to hand at all times.

Romance novels

Your Lincoln love-life failing miserably? That’s nothing Colleen Hoover can’t fix. An array of romance novels that really border on straight up sex stories can be found in most girls’ houses. Perfect for when Tinder is getting dry and the Lincoln boys aren’t really doing it for you anymore.

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