Trying the most wholesome cafe in Lincoln with tea, treats and four-legged friends

Still not over that pug…

Ever wanted the luxury of sipping an oat milk latte whilst a sleepy puppy snuggles in your lap? Well Escobark’s cafe might just be the place for you. At the end of the high street resides a little spot of heaven, and one that combines home comforts with cosy treats and most importantly…dogs. If you’ve had a rough deadline season and need a breather or are missing the family pooch, then watching five lively dogs scurry around might be the free therapy you’ve been looking for.

Advertised as a “serotonin boost” this cafe does not disappoint. When stepping inside you are instantly met with two very friendly owners and an orchestra of barks as you prepare to make friends with the sweetest gang in Lincoln. The cafe is decorated with comfy cushions and snuggle blankets, making you immediately at ease that the pups are both very happy and healthy in their environment.

Meet the gang:


Stan is a beautiful six-year old three-legged pug who is the OAP of the group. Not only does this handsome fella love a cuddle, he will melt your heart with his relaxed and gentle nature. You might find yourself holding in a giggle as he does snore like a fully grown adult male. He has a heart of gold and felt very comfortable chilling next to the customers and dozing off.


The legend himself Pablo Escobark. Now the name may seem familiar, but this pup is truly one of a kind. Two year-old Pablo loves to do his own thing and is happy to take himself to his favourite sleepy rug when he wants some space. He certainly has a very fun personality and will often be found making customers laugh with his little quirks. Be sure to look out for his wiggly toes and floppy feet when he is dreaming. With ears as soft as felt, it’s hard to say goodbye to this handsome chap at closing time.


Two year-old little Yoda is a diva within her own right. She is very particular about who she loves and after a sniff or two will decide if you’re worthy of being a part of her mini Yoda army. Her hobbies include stealing Polly’s treats and then chilling with her by the fire as if nothing happened. Be warned: she hates black umbrellas and will fiercely bark at them to defend her clan.


Cuteness overload. Baby Malli was truly a delight and did so well considering it was her first weekend in the cafe. Understandably a little timid, but brave Mali really opened up by the end of the day and was happy to be petted and fussed. Not even a year old, she had some serious puppy dog eyes as she tilted her head as if to say love me forever?


It is wrong to have a favourite, it really is, but if a puppy curled up in your hands like that would you not be mentally filing adoption papers too? Don’t be fooled, as the owner described her as a “cuddle-slut”, Polly is more than generous with her attention she gives to customers. So unfortunately you are not special as she is very happy to be held and fussed by just about everyone. The owners also call her “kidney bean” which is adorable and one even has a little kidney bean tattoo in honour of her.

After you’ve had some time getting to know the dogs, indulge in some of the lovely cakes and coffee that’s available. They have a full range of hot and cold drinks and also a vegan cake option so there really is something for everyone. There is also the opportunity to get a polaroid photo of you with the whole gang of pups as a memory to take home.

You can find them on Instagram @escobarkscoffee

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