From face masks to tarot cards: This was my experience at the Lincoln Samhain Event

Self-care but with a witchy twist

Halloween is finally upon us and with events going on across the city, there is something for everyone. From pumpkin patches to scavenger hunts, it’s hard not to get swept up in the fun of it all which is why Lush Lincoln held a Samhain inspired pamper day for those wanting to relax. The event took place on October 21st and followed the practices and traditions of the pagan new year so as a lover of all things witchy and wonderful, of course I had to try it out.

When booking a timeslot for the event, my friend and I were given the choice between a hand and arm massage or a facial. Both treatments were £10 and once we had decided on the facial, we were given a £10 gift card to use on the day.

Entering the store, we were greeted by the smiling faces of Lush Lincoln who offered us a seat whilst we waited for the esthetician to finish his previous client. With all the seasonal products on display in front of us, we were easily entertained by the different sights and smells and didn’t mind waiting.

After a few minutes we were then introduced to Ed who explained to us what to expect from our treatment. Ed was very kind and calming, asking us questions about our skin-types and our preferred ingredients and scents. He then chose the products he thought would work best, offering each of them to us to smell or swatch to get our opinion. He explained the benefits of each product as well as the holistic properties of the ingredients inside. We were impressed by his knowledge and couldn’t wait to begin.

Ed sat my friend down in front of him and started to massage the cleanser into her skin. Throughout the process he asked if she was comfortable and talked her through different breathing techniques to help her relax into the treatment. He then applied a toner before lathering on her chosen face mask.

Once done, she told me how much calmer she felt and how she could already feel a difference in her skin. He then went on to show us the tarot and oracle cards he going to use and taught us how to ground ourselves so that he could connect with our energies and offer us a more accurate reading.

Whilst my friend had her cards read, I was introduced to Hannah who would be taking over from Ed and giving me my facial. She was equally as sweet and made me feel extremely comfortable as we spoke casually about our cats and tarot card decks.

As she massaged each product into my skin, I finally understood what my friend was talking about, I was so relaxed I could’ve fallen asleep. At no point did the interaction feel awkward which surprised me when considering there was a stranger touching my face, but Hannah provided me with the complete experience, even asking her colleague to play meditation music in the background for me.

Whilst my face mask set, she then read my tarot cards. The cards revealed that I should stop stressing so much about everything and to instead focus on my victories, no matter how small. I wasn’t expecting to get called out by her cards, but it was good fun, I guess…

Faces rinsed and ready to go we thanked Hannah and Ed for their service and used the gift cards we got whilst booking to pay for the facemasks they had chosen for us. Overall, I’d give the event a 10/10. As someone who loves both self-care and Halloween, this was my idea of the ultimate experience and for just £10, a bargain.

Don’t be disheartened if you happened to miss out though. We were told by staff that there would be more events like this in the future so make sure you keep an eye out. I wonder what theme they’ll choose next.

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