Every disaster you’ll experience as a fresher living in Lincoln Courts

Hopefully you can last the year without being egged

University halls are, at best, a place to live for a year until you find somewhere that is more resembling of an actual house. But until you find your dream uni home, you will most likely spend the majority of your first year navigating each flat problem as they quickly begin to overwhelm you.

To try and prepare you for the worst, we’ve listed the most common or at least memorable disasters you’ll have the misfortune to deal with over the course of your first year at uni living in Lincoln Courts:

Circuit laundry never dries your clothes

Laundry is never an enjoyable experience in any accommodation. Still, the laundry room is special in its ability to ruin your weekly wash and is genuinely difficult to have the patience to go on a regular basis.

Most of the time the washing machines charge you twice to over-soak your clothes which then takes two or three cycles in the dyers to properly dry, making something as simple as laundry a long, expensive, stressful task.  My advice, invest in a drying rack.

Maintenance walking in unannounced

With the already questionable state of Court flats and their furniture, with the added damage a wild student lifestyle can cause, a visit from the university maintenance team is inevitable. They always manage to pick the worst times to invite themselves into your flat. Whether it’s early in the morning and you’re in bed nursing a hangover, or when you’re at your most naked and vulnerable stepping out of the shower, courts maintenance always manages to find the most awkward of moments to tell you that someone else is going to have to fix your problem.

Fire alarms 

This is a problem, again, not unique to Courts but one that manages to become inconvenient in the most spectacular of ways. With alarms so sensitive that they can be set off by a hot shower, you can expect to spend a lot of your time standing outside in the wind, rain, and snow until a miserable member of security says you can go back to bed. Someone burning a midnight snack and setting the alarm off before your 9am can also cause some rocky relations between neighbours.

It’s guaranteed after the third week of midnight evacuations, a normal sleep schedule will be an alien concept.

Getting egged

For some reason the residents of Lincoln Courts, more than any other accommodation, like to resolve any disagreements between neighbours with eggs… mainly having them thrown at windows. It makes quite the statement, but no matter how much bleach or air freshener you use, the smell never really goes away. Yuck.

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