This is what your choice of supermarket in Lincoln says about you

Have you ever judged someone based on their choice of supermarket? Because we sure have!


Doing your weekly food shop at university is one of the most exciting jobs you can do. It’s a chance to show off your knowledge of Spanish meats, budgeting skills, trolley assault course training and the speed you can pack a bag at.

Lincoln has loads of supermarkets all offering something different so which one you chose to buy from says a lot about you as a student and as a person.

It can determine if you’re a good flatmate, what your fashion sense is, your creativeness and if you care about the things you put in your body.

Canwick Road Tesco

Clubcard heaven here we come. Seeing the price drop on the till is the highlight of your week and you love to play games and have fun like guessing the final price of your shop as it’s being scanned.

This Tesco proves you have friends as it’s a great group activity to all do your shop together and plan out flat dinners. You’re a bit of a night owl and love going for the classic late-night trip to Tesco.

Chances are it’s going to be a bit of a walk so having the confidence to steal a trolly will see you fit in well amongst the other student shoppers.

Ocado or M&S on the High Street

We have arrived at the home of the rich students who live in Gravity.

You always have a pack of Percy Pigs in your room and you definitely have the top shelf in the fridge. You own at least one stone island jumper or a Burberry scarf and make sure everyone knows it.

If you shop here more than once, then you love being the centre of attention and are definitely known in your hometown as a serial heart breaker.


Dixon Street Lidl

If you’re in Lidl you’re here for the ridiculously cheap food or the protein snacks you’ve seen trending on TikTok.

Your main reason for shopping at Lidl is so you can afford to do the big three on Saturdays; Spoons, Home and Scene.

Making you smile is a simple task and you’re easily pleased so the random offers you see always make your day even if there’s no way you’d ever buy them.

You tend to be a big ball of energy and everyone can feel this when you walk into a room. You’re about as random and chaotic as the middle aisles in Lidl but as universally loved as the bakery.


Tritton Road Morrisons

If you shop here, you really appreciate the layout and design of a store. You like exploring and getting out of your comfort zone and that translates into your shopping experience whether that be with the range of bread available or the deli section.

You either are or see the Valentine Court residents with half a face of make-up on sprinting to the alcohol section to grab cheap mixers and any sweet, fruity drink imaginable.

Overall Morrisons is a safe bet for any Lincoln student, you’ve got a bubbly personality that radiates positive vibes and you’re decent at cooking but don’t expect any five-star meals. Also good for a quick snack if you’ve had a busy day shopping away your student loan in either the Valentine or Tritton retail parks.

Iceland on the High Street

If you shop here, you love a good deal, four meats for £12 or even the very popular 12 long life milks for £9.

You see a special and grab it no matter if it’s good or bad. Despite being a bargain hunter, you find some absolute gems, especially when it comes to the TGI Fridays exclusive range.

Your dinners potentially consist of beige and burnt snack foods with no greens in sight. But you’re probably a good laugh on a night out and always have the best drunk snacks.

You’re never in a rush if you shop here which is good because there’s only ever two tills open at one time.


Tesco express on the High Street

Be honest you’ve definitely tried to high five the security outside.

Students here are always in a rush. A rush for three for £5 alcohol or rushing to buy a meal deal on the way to your lectures.

The store might be small, but it has all the essentials you need. Busy people like this shop so those with strict deadlines or need a last minute drink for pres love little Tesco.

Efficiency is key for Tesco shoppers with its great location on the high street for Danesgate residents, Steep Hill victors after their journey or anyone coming out of Slug and Lettuce, Carousel or Craft looking to continue their night-time shenanigans. You’re here for a good time not a long one.

Carholme Road Sainsbury’s

Similar vibes to the Tesco store above with its little stature but great for quick essentials.

If this is your go to weekly shop, then you are disorganised and don’t enjoy doing a big shop.

You like convenience and little Sainsbury’s certainly gives you this.

A great solid bet for a snack after Uni but don’t expect anything special to end up in your bag. If you’re single Carholme Sainsbury’s is the one for you and it’s probably because you’re happy with just the bare minimum but that’s okay.

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