Clubbers of the week: The best we’ve seen from week 18

Warm weather and St Patrick’s Day? We’re being spoiled

The weather’s warming up, and that has sent students flocking to Towers and the Swan en masse. Who wouldn’t prioritise a beer with their mates over going to their lecture? And with St Patrick’s day thrown into the mix as well honestly, I’m surprised there was anyone in attendance on campus at all.

Album cover of the week

Beachy club anthems coming your way

Creeper of the week

Only serious creepers are willing to parkour to make it into the shot

Runners up

Three sneaky creepers make for a triple threat

A creeper who wants you to know they know you see them

Hero of the week

The luck of the Irish makes this man our hero of the week

Runners up

Shit shirts on and VKs in hand, these boys are hero material

Just a hero trying to down his VK mid squad shot

Heroine of the week

Our heroine knows how to have the best time on the dance floor and make it look cool

Runners up

The shamrock sunnies – a classic heroine accessory

More shit shirts and funky glasses? We love to see it

Squad of the week

I can’t lie, the girlies pulling through with their green attire are why you made it into squad of the week

Runners up

A squad who make every time look like a good time

A sea of a squad, if there’s room for one more please lmk

Stunner of the week

Gorgeous gorgeous girls always dress for the occasion

Runners up

Stunners with funky trousers and a bucket hat

Smiles all round

Unhappy clubber of the week

When you asked the photographer for a photo earlier and you finally find them again

Runners up

Looking up at… God? St Patrick? We’ll never know

The girl was too stunned to speak (or smile on this occasion)

Wtf of the week

Who knows what’s about to happen here

Runners up

The guy on the left looks so entranced by the beach ball

I feel like you were trying to give yourself green hair for the night, and I’ll give you points for effort

Photo credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Production

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