Clubbers of the week: feeling the scene in week thirteen

No one strikes a pose like a UoL student after a couple of steins

Despite the pressure of exam week, Lincoln students have persisted in going out (you brave, resilient people). What else are you expected to do after a lengthy exam? Celebrating (your wins or losses) with your mates in Union or Bull is the most obvious answer.

Heroine of the week

You really thought about the theme when you picked those shark sunnies out, and we all know heroines understand the assignment

Runners up

Every heroine has their superhero pose, and this girl knows hers

The Euphoria make-up? Major heroine behaviour

Hero of the week

A sea of heroes

Runners up

Our fave Union glass collector is back, the real hero of Tuesday nights

A hero wears his make-up even if everyone else thinks it’s strange, we applaud you for going hard on the animal theme

Unhappy clubbers of the week

One VK too many, perhaps?

Runners up

The poor gentleman was simply asking for a second so he could dive out of the frame

Sometimes the song just doesn’t hit the way it used to

Stunner of the week

Each of you have a 10/10 smile

Runners up

Lotta love for these gorgeous besties

You’re all giving it girl energy and I love it

Creeper of the week

This week an inflatable giraffe wins creeper of the week, because realistically how often will I be able to say those exact words again?

Runners up

Sneaky peace sign

She threw herself in last minute but it paid off, congrats to you sis

Album cover of the week

Idk what this album would be but the photo was too cool not to use

Runners up

I like the way the Union monster appears to be using laser powers to attack the inflatable lion, kinda like Monsters vs Aliens meets Lion King

Whatever she’s listening to is giving her bad bitch energy

Wtf of the week

It’s almost like a moment from The Office, I wonder if this young man often feels like he’s the star of his own show?

Runners up

How are you not a fan of steins?

Someone’s dad in the background is really feeling the setlist

Third wheel of the week

Sorry mate, you did not make the cut for the role of bestie

Runners up

When you don’t want to pay for drinks, just take a sip of your friends when they’re not looking (but try not to get caught)

It’s giving me ‘we weren’t really ready for a photo op but we’ll give it our best shot’

Squad of the week

Points for the girls that went in animal print

Runners up

A chill trio enjoying the vibes

This feels like lots of squads came together to make a super squad

Best of the rest

This man managed to position himself just right for this sneaky photo bomb

Who doesn’t love a sparkler moment?

Neither of the people looking at the camera look particularly pleased to be where they are

Shout out to Lincoln Tab’s own editor-in-chief (also really wish I knew why the girl behind was so excited)

Image credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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