Lincoln Clubbers of the Week: Uni books on the shelves it’s week twelve

Disappointed in the lack of Peaky Blinders costumes tbh

While most students are off for four weeks before Semester B begins if you’ve not gone back home to get your clothes washed for free, then obviously you have made the trips to Red Five almost every day this week – because why wouldn’t you want to?

Lincoln students certainly made the most of all the themed nights out this week and partied to the fullest extent as they should and here is the proof!

Stunners of the Week


Application submitted to be part of this friendship group x

Runners up

Gorgeous gorgeous friends

Trios do it best

The girls that get it, get it

Creeper of the week


He’s just happy to be there

Runners up

Creeper eyes

I don’t think they know you

He is just happy to be there

If in doubt, throw up a peace sign and you’ll make it in a club photo

It’s almost an aesthetic

Heroine of the week


Up top!

Runners up

Yes girl, we see you

She saw her opportunity, and looked great doing it

WTFs of the week


Are they okay?

Runners up

Everytime… everytime

There is a lot to unpack

Hero of the week


Nothing but the best <3

Runners up

Okay, we’ve got it you’re tall

Squad of the week


They are beauty, they are grace

Runners up

Big young farmer vibes

Gun fingers if you’re a real raver..?

Is that Post Malone??

At least they followed the theme!!

Album covers of the week


They didn’t know the assignment, but they understood

Runners up

Image credits: Patrick Axe @ Axholme Media Productions

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