Sit-down club nights: Are they worth the hype or should we just wait until the 21st?

Anything for a bev at this point, amirite?

May 17th was a joyous occasion for us all. With groups up to 30 allowed in beer gardens (minus the awful weather, cheers England), indoor pubs and restaurants opening (no more basing my outfit around my coats) and outdoor events up to 50 per cent capacity allowed the majority of uni students have taken this newfound freedom to the BEST advantage.

Sit down clubs… we will all go just for an extra little excuse to drink, not that one is needed at this point, but is it really worth that fee? We have asked for opinions via @thetablincoln_ Instagram poll to see what Lincoln students really think.

Entrance Fee? Please no

The main takeaway from Lincoln students is even though most of us will pay the entrance fee for the sake of it and also to support our local businesses, 79 per cent out of 220 students decided that it is not worth the fee at all. Maybe as students, we do actually care about our money after all?

Smoker’s area is where the party is AT

Some students offered an alternative for what they think would be ideal in Lincoln.

• Have an outdoor club in Lincoln (an absolute shout in this weather)

• Having free entry or a drinks incentive after entry (“It’s just a pub with loud music, they shouldn’t charge entry”)

• Having a lower entree fee (e.g. £3)

• “Just wait until we can club properly again”

The atmosphere

Mixed replies were received in response to: “How would you describe the atmosphere within a sit-down club?” The overall consensus concluded that the atmosphere is good and not to be missed out on ( I think we have all waited enough for this), however, nothing can top a normal functioning club. One student said: “It’s like holding in a sneeze because you can’t get up and dance”. We all just want to dance don’t we?

In another breath, do our nights depend on what floor you’re sat on, the type of night out the event is, or even due to general Covid restrictions ruining the fun?

Night out preference?

We asked students their opinions on the best night out, the main reasons included student nights such as Superbull, Union, Switch-Up and particularly the DIY Disco, which many say is mainly due to the fact that the DJ plays on request.

Main Floor ILY <3

We all are guilty of having our preferences of the different floors in different clubs we all prefer and stick to, or even the smoker’s area as most of us end up in for the majority of the night. But as an overall result, when focusing on sit-down clubs when freedom of moving from floor to floor isn’t really an option, the main floors of clubs is a winner.

Reasoning including “party vibes” and generally more going on with a better atmosphere, so maybe sitting down in a club isn’t as bad as it seems (still would love to dance, but we can’t be picky I guess).

Never quite understood the sticker on this mirror?

If you’re deciding to sit out of this one until clubs reopen fully, (hopefully) see you on the 21st!!

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