Naked Attraction, rent reductions and lockdown walks: Looking back on a year of Covid-19 in Lincoln

What the pandemic has been like for Lincoln students

The 23rd of March 2021 marked one year since the UK faced its first national lockdown. Since then, over 100,000 people have died from coronavirus.

Over the past year, the entire world has faced more than what they expected. From the Black Lives Matter protests taking place over the summer, to the recent Kill the Bill protests, 2020 was a year majority of us will never forget.

The pandemic has also allowed us to appreciate the smaller things in life and Zoom quizzes every Friday. Nonetheless, let’s take a look back on the articles and features through the eyes of Lincoln students.

1. Varsity was cancelled

2. All Lincoln clubs and pubs closed their doors

3. Uni of Lincoln began producing PPE for hospitals

4. We spoke to students who stayed in Lincoln over lockdown

5. We took a walk through the empty city of Lincoln over lockdown

6. Vice Chancellor Mary Stuart donated a part of her salary to provide PPE

7. Uni of Lincoln announced the postponement of their 2020 graduation

8. Lincoln students got creative with their dissertation pics

9. The 2020/21 academic year was delayed to October, along with our maintenance loan

10. Students shared their last ‘normal’ pics before lockdown

11. We spoke to the BLM Lincoln organisers 

12. Lincoln was ranked one of the world’s greatest youngest universities

13. Lincoln students shared their uni house horror stories

14. In the city and SU Freshers Week plans were announced

15. We spoke to Lincoln students on their thoughts coming back to uni

16. Lincoln Christmas Markets were cancelled and we all shed a tear

17. We interviewed the creators of Lincoln’s Animal Crossing society

18. Lincoln’s BNOC 2020 was crowned

19. Lincoln SU suffered a £1 million loss due to Covid-19

20. The Scene announced their reopening

21. Lincoln SU club nights promised to censor the N-word in songs

22. Lincoln was crowned the Modern University of the Year 2021

23. Staff and students were required to wear facemasks on campus

24. Six Uni of Lincoln students tested positive for coronavirus

25. Superbull announced their return as ‘Bully’s Bingo’

26. We took a look at the worst meals made by Lincoln Uni students

27. Tower Bar reopened under a new name and new safety measures

28. We did the Tik Tok ghost challenge across Lincoln

29. Lincoln was placed into Tier One

30. We took a look at what’s inside Lincoln’s self-isolate boxes

31. A Tory MP dragged a Lincoln student on Twitter for calling his mum a ‘slag’

32. Lincoln societies came together to raise money and donate to local food banks

33. Lincoln’s Rugby Union raised money for Movember

34. Asymptomatic testing was offered to Lincoln students

35. A Lincoln student appeared on Naked Attraction, and we spoke to him about it

36. A Lincoln student was fined £10k for having a party

37. We spoke to Lincoln students who stayed in Lincoln for ANOTHER lockdown

38. We also spoke to the students who decided to stay at home

39. Lincoln students were given a rent reduction

40. Lincoln’s Tory MP blocked the Labour Society

41. A Lincoln fresher made a beach in his bedroom

42. Bierkeller Lincoln announced their closure and we all cried while reminiscing

43. We recreated Quack in our uni flat

44. We spoke to Lincoln students who had received their vaccine

45. Lincoln freshers made an Instagram account dedicated to Stella Artois

46. Quack and city club nights announced their return in the summer

47. A ‘I am part of the 97%’ event took place in Lincoln

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