All Lincoln students can relate to these 15 don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine memes

Don’t worry ’bout it sweetheart x

People up and down the United Kingdom are being administered the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine and naturally, everybody began making memes about it, because why wouldn’t you? However, there are many people who refuse to get the vaccine and of course, people began to tweet about it. It’s 2020, it’s just what happens.

Despite Matt Hancock crying, William Shakespeare being vaccinated and it being 90 per cent effective in preventing people from being infected with the virus, the majority of us are still glued to our phones as we’re stuck in tiers, and likely going through some tears along the way. But if you’re a uni student and have gone through these things, you won’t even need to question what’s in this vaccine.

These are the best don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine memes every Lincoln student can relate to:

1) They are gross and if you’ve used one, I feel for you

2) That is a MAJOR safety hazard


4) True tbh

5) You live life on the edge

6) I can smell it from here

7) Hate to break it to you

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8) Especially if he’s on the rugby team

9) Had to be said

10) You guys fear nothing

11) It’s a matter for public health

12) You all know who you are

13) We’ll say it for you, if you’ve EVER used the toilets in cubes, don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine

14) If you can relate to this, you disgust me

15) Or any for that matter

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