Harry Styles, Band Aid and Frances Forever: Lincoln students’ lockdown playlist

No better way than sharing the music that keeps us happy

With concerts postponed, clubs closed and the deadlines of neglected uni work approaching, lockdown 2.0 was not received with a warm welcome. Winter months are difficult enough for most without a pandemic, without social isolation so this was just a final blow. Separated from friends from families and tensions rising between housemates, could 2020 get any worse?

Thankfully music is always there, to offer stability, sharing solidarity through our solitude whether it’s dancing alone in your room or having a Just Dance battle with your housemates, or karaoke sessions over Zoom, from house music to romantic ballads it’s been there for us all.

The Tab asked Lincoln students what music helped them get through the second lockdown.

Novocaine for the Soul – Eels

How does it make you feel?

It pretty much summed up how I felt during the vast majority of lockdown. After seeing nothing but negativity and experiencing consecutive unproductive days, I really did just want to block everything out and go totally numb, hence why this track really resonated with me.

It was comforting, being able to hear a song that I could sympathise with, that accurately described how I felt, it helped me to cope with what I was going through, it really put my mind at ease.

Why would you recommend it to others?

I would recommend this to anyone with a preference for all things 90s rock. I’d like to think someone else can find the same comfort in it too.

What is your favourite lyric?

The first line – life is hard and so am I because it’s simple but effective. The songwriter in question had endured a lot of pain in his life up to that point, notably the loss of his dad but he insists that this will not break him – almost a ballad of resilience.

It could be similar to The Smiths but the Eels take a more sardonic, darkly comical to tell their stories. Both bands retaliate back at their hardships with bitter scathing and gleefully sarky lyrics.

Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid

Why would you recommend this to a friend?

It’s a brilliant song and the lyrics are so true even today. It’s good to remind people that there are many people out there that won’t be having a Christmas, it encourages listeners to be more grateful and giving.

How did it help you get through lockdown?

It made me realise that lockdown was for a greater cause. Making every day, short term sacrifices in order to prevent greater disasters. If we suffer now we can have a better Christmas. Lockdown also buys us more time to get the vaccinations out.

I rely on being active to maintain happiness and with the restrictions, it was almost impossible, the community of this song just brought me joy but also made me reflect on what mattered.

What’s your favourite lyric?

“Where nothing ever grows” and “There won’t be snow in Africa this year” because it reminds people that they should take more responsibility and share some of what they have.

What You Want – My Bloody Valentine

Why did this song sum up your lockdown experience?

I made it my personal goal to listen to all the albums that I’ve heard of before but have never got round to listening to and that was my favourite song on there. Still working through those albums.

How did you hear about it?

My mate told me about this band called Slow Dive which ended up being one of my favourites, this then led me to look up bands that were similar which is when I found My Bloody Valentine.

What would you rate it out of 10?

10/10 it’s incredible. I’d recommend it because the way the instruments are engineered is amazing and it makes the experience more interesting.

Overtones – Frost

Why is this your chosen Lockdown song?

I enjoy the melody and the atmosphere of the track, it has a sort of melancholic tone to it but because it’s a house song it still makes you want to dance to it.

Why would you recommend this to others?

All my friends listen to similar music anyway so we can all experience it because that’s the crazy thing about music it has the power to bring people together but also to divide us and although we don’t need any more divisions it can make for some interesting debates.

Space Girl – Frances Forever

Why is this your chosen lockdown song?

It’s just very chill and happy; it made me think of astrology and spirituality. It’s a very positive song.

How did you hear about it?

I listened to it first on my discover weekly, which is mostly TikTok music anyway and that’s where this song is currently trending and I love it because its, being used by girls to support each other.

Why would you recommend it?

It’s a very positive song as it’s so upbeat. I think those that like ‘Girls In Bikinis’ by Poppy would enjoy it.

Armed and Dangerous – Juice WRLD

How did this song make you feel?

I played this throughout lockdown because it’s a hype song and I can just vibe to it, just took away the challenge posed by the restrictions.

Why would you recommend it to a friend?

You can sing and move to it because it’s so catchy. Instantly puts you in a better mood which is definitely needed throughout lockdown.

What would you rate it out of 10?

A very strong nine because it brings a smile to your face and its easy to bop to.

Golden – Harry Styles

How did these songs help you through lockdown?

They’re my happy songs; they’re always on my recommended whenever I’m feeling low. I needed that positive energy throughout and whenever I heard his music I would instantly feel so much better, plus Harry is amazing.

What would you rate them out of 10?

I think the whole album was phenomenal, I’d give the song Golden 10 out of 10 as it’s a fun, upbeat song that instantly lifts the mood. With him releasing a music video for it recently it’s once again become popular and hasn’t felt tired or old to listen to.

What’s your favourite lyric and why?

Loving you is the antidote” – I love this lyric because it spread so much positivity. It reassures and reminds  the listener that love is what we need especially in times such as these.”

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