Tory MP drags Lincoln student on Twitter for calling his mum ‘a slag’

She made the comment after he voted against extending Free School Meals

A Tory MP has publicly called out a Lincoln student on Twitter for calling his mum a “slag” in response to him voting against the extension of free school meals for children over the school holidays.

Tory MP for Rother Valley Alexander Stafford took the Lincoln student’s “ur mums a slag” tweet very seriously and responded to the tweet saying: “Disappointing that someone who has ‘be kind’ in their profile decides to spout such vile personal hatred.”

Upon the Lincoln student deleting her tweet, he posted the original screenshot of it and tagged the University of Lincoln. He made clear to explain that the claim – “ur mums a slag” – was wholly untrue, and called her comment “vile”

He said: “For those that have been asking, here is that vile (and obviously untrue in so many ways) tweet from that @unilincoln student.”

Meg’s comment made “out of anger” in response to a tweet that highlighted how certain MPs who are set for a £3000 pay rise just rejected a motion to provide meals to hungry children over the school holidays, a move which has been widely criticised over the past week.

After Alexander Stafford tweeted the screenshot many came to the student’s defense, slamming the MP for publicly calling out the student and airing out public info about the university she attends.

The MP has previously come under fire for claiming nine pence on expenses after a 330-yard car journey, as well as claiming a train ticket for his wife on expenses.

Since then, thousands of businesses and restaurants have shown their support for Marcus Rashford and his campaign to end child food poverty, by providing free meals for children over this October half term.

Despite her initial anger, Meg regrets the comment she made. She told The Lincoln Tab, “What I tweeted was very immature and irresponsible and I for that am regretful.

“It was an off the cuff comment I made out of anger in response to the decision he made to vote against free school meals for children during the holidays. While I feel my anger was justified, I could have expressed this anger in a better way.

“The MP was not tagged in the tweet as it was just meant for my friends to see and I had no intention of him ever reading it which is why when he did comment on it, I deleted the post and emailed him issuing a formal apology for my comment and asked him to remove his response as my full name was on display.

“It was after I had both deleted my original tweet and sent a formal apology that he then posted a screenshot of my deleted tweet giving away some of my personal details.”

While Meg deleted her tweet, some have stepped in to continue her legacy:

Alexander Stafford has been contacted for comment.