The Tab’s guide to the best veggie and vegan eateries in Lincoln

Ah yes what we all want to hear, ‘Lincoln Tab recommended’

Lincoln has some pretty amazing places to eat, from a nice lunch at Pasty Republic to dinner at YoYo. But sometimes this can be a complete nightmare for vegans and vegetarians, who can never seem to find the right place for them. Sure, lots of places offer food suitable for vegetarians and vegans but are they actually that good? Unlikely.

The high street always seems to be lacking in its non-meat essentials, but really all you have to do is find the hidden treasures. So to help you out, we have ventured into the depths of Lincoln on a veggie and vegan food-filled adventure to help those struggling to find places with the best options Lincoln has to offer.

So, here is what we found:


Walkabout isn’t much of a mystery to most Lincoln students. But still, it is a great choice for cheap prices with a good range of veggie options and some high-quality entertainment. Not only can you plan your return for quiz night, but you can be blown away by its food. There are more options than you would think, from vegan chilli, burgers, and even nachos.

Its average price for a meal and drink was between £7 to £11. But what we would really recommend is their desserts. The vegetarian chocolate fudge cake was to die for, and its vegan ice cream is all you could wish in life.

Head here to enjoy a ‘better than Spoons’ meal out.

The Bookstop Cafe 

The Bookstop Cafe is the cute building you probably looked at as you hyperventilated on the steep hill benches, we’ve all been there and there’s no use denying it.

It sells some one of a kind vegan sweets that also happen to be homemade. And to make it even better, you can have them alongside the brewed tea from its shop neighbour, Imperial Teas of Lincoln. Some of their options include raspberry and strawberry crumble, chocolate orange and hazelnut brownie and your bog-standard vegan flapjack.

Who doesn’t love tea and flapjacks?

Carholme Chippy

Yes, that’s vegan cheese on chips. Carholme Chippy is a keen favourite for any third year in Lincoln after a day of the dissertation, but could this also be a hotspot for its meat-free options? The chip shop offers just as much vegan/veggie food as it does meat. Their chips have options for vegan cheese on top, and they even offer vegans sausages and vegetarian burgers!

It’s a great stop for a chip shop night in, and their burger is a delicious quick meal locally produced.

Rice and Bowl 

The Rice and Bowl have been a new addition to the lower Lincoln highstreet when on return to Lincoln. It offers a range of Chinese and other eastern dishes with a range of options purely made for veggies. You’ll predominantly find that soups, curries, vegetable dishes and noodles will be appropriate for you on the menu. However, the range of choice from Mapo Tofu to Sweetcorn Soup will be you can get a great meal.

Bonus: all their desserts are suitable for vegetarians.

The Rising Café 

This has recently become a great hotspot for Lincoln residents. Connected to the Alive Church the niche café already offers an unusual space to dine in. But what makes it even more appealing is their range of Vegan/Vegetarian options for what we would often think is awkward food.

A keen favourite has been the Classic Afternoon Tea which also offers an alternative for gluten-free as well as vegan and vegetarian.  Also try out their Vegan Sweet Potato Tart and their milkshakes, with are all available to be made with alternative milk. The café has become an affordable Lincoln treasure, with a meal and drink costing as cheap as £12.

Blest Curry 

This is a new Indian Takeaway along the High St that opened a few months before lockdown. For herbivores, it’s always a joyful moment when a takeaway menu includes all their meat-free options on their menu and Blest does just that. The ‘From The Field’ part of their takeaway menu includes Bombay Aloo, Tarka Daal, Cauliflower Bhaji and many more. All their Classic Collection are available in vegetable form – whose up for a Vegetable Masala! Their food is available to order or you can sit down to enjoy an all you can eat buffet.

Serafina Grill 

Serafina Grill is a new addition to Lincoln’s high street. Just opening pre-lockdown. Its vegan burgers are gourmet made with small twists from jalapeno cheese to an additional sweet chilli sauce. But what’s also attractive about buying some great food here is that it’s brand new and creative for the community. All their foods come with fun additions and there is also a fair few things to try, or just keep going back for. A keen favourite was the normal meat-free burger with the upmost best vegan mayonnaise you’ll ever have.

Cafe Shanti 

This is a very popular vegan restaurant, so obviously it was going to top these recommendations. From banana curry to jackfruit nachos, all you can get here is vegan greatness, And if you are looking for a twist on a classic, the restaurant also does chilli dogs and lasagne suitable for vegans. As students we love a good bargain, so we have once again stuck to our good old £10 budget for all this homemade goodness.

So there you have it, all the best places in Lincoln to fill your veggie or vegan heart with content. You’re welcome x

We’d also recommend you’d try Bailgate Deli, The Lincoln Green, The Bird Cage, Pimento Vegetarian Café, or The William Finn.

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