Here’s what’s inside Lincoln Uni’s self-isolation food boxes

They are completely free of charge!

The University of Lincoln has provided more than 300 food boxes for students in Lincoln who are currently self-isolating amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

You are able to get one of these food boxes at no expense by emailing [email protected].

A spokesperson for the University of Lincoln said: “More than 300 healthy food boxes have been delivered in Lincoln to support students who are self-isolating in the city.

“The boxes from the University of Lincoln, which are completely free of charge, contain a mixture of fresh produce and dried food items, and are designed to be nutritious and easy to cook. All food boxes also cater for any individual dietary requirements or allergies students may have.”


A student at the University of Lincoln told The Lincoln Tab: “I got my self-isolating box through emailing [email protected] and the box arrived the next day. It was such a good amount of food and I think it’s amazing that so much food was provided for free, especially with so much of it being branded too.

“I got a variety of essentials such as tinned food, milk, rice and pasta, cereal, and toilet roll. I know it’s going to save me so much money, especially since losing part-time work pay due to self-isolating. I’m so happy to have got it and am really thankful for the uni providing it for me!”

Callum Gibson said: “I got the email on the day I was supposed to do a food shop, I emailed them and they replied within minutes. The team are so dedicated to supporting students. There is a great mixture of supplies that suits everybody’s needs. Taking the stress out of students and ensuring we are catered for, I am very grateful to UoL for this generosity.”

Harvey Dowdy, the University’s Director of Estates, said: “Our dedicated team of staff have been out delivering food boxes seven days a week to any of our students who require them.

“The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive – the students really appreciate the food boxes and have been impressed by the high-quality and healthy items we provide.

“We are part of a wonderful community here in Lincoln and we do all we can to support one another.”

Judith Carey, Director of Student Affairs at the University of Lincoln, said: “All students have access to a wide range of academic and professional services to support them and help them make the most of their time here. From the moment they join us, they are welcomed into the Lincoln family and our friendly, close-knit community.

“If students are required to self-isolate, they are well supported to continue with their studies through personal tutors and online access to teaching and learning, library access, health and wellbeing, practical help with food and a variety of online social events, quizzes etc. Our students’ needs are our number one priority.”

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