EXPLAINED: Lincoln is in Tier One of lockdown restrictions

Yes, we all still need to be in by 10pm

Over the past week, all counties have been assigned a tier by the government, these indicate how high the COVID- 19 statistics are in that specific area. Tier One is classed as ‘Medium’ Alert and that is which Lincoln is in, Tier Two is ‘High’ and Tier Three is ‘Very High’ and they can change whenever the local government feels necessary.

So what do the tiers actually mean?

This means that you can meet people in your house, following the rule of six, you can also meet them in pubs and restaurants. Work by builders or tradespeople can continue and not contribute to the rule of six, the 10pm curfew applies but deliveries can continue after this time. Schools, universities, colleges, and non-essential shops can continue operation, sports activities can continue.

For tier two it does look a bit different: Anyone that is not in your household or support bubble cannot come into your home, nor can you meet them in an indoor setting which includes pubs and restaurants, the 10pm curfew still applies. The rule of six also applies for outdoor settings and travel is permitted but it is advised you take fewer journeys.

NHS Official Covid 19 App

And for tier three is it very different: This is the ‘Very High’ Alert, recently Greater Manchester and South Yorkshire have been placed under these restrictions. People cannot socialise with anyone they do not live with or that they are not in a support bubble with, pubs and bars are to be shut unless they are restaurants that only serve alcohol with meals. People should avoid all but essential travel into a tier three area.

What are the latest figures?

The lastest figures for the University of Lincoln are 85 positive cases. Students are being told to isolate if their house or flatmates have symptoms of if they have been told someone on their course has tested positive.

How is the University preparing?

In a statement to students, the University made clear their plans of what they’d do if Lincoln were to be moved up into Tier Two (High) or into Tier Three (Very High).

“If Lincoln moved to Tier two they will take advice from the local Public Health team who may ask that we move some face-to-face teaching for certain subjects online.

“If Lincoln moved into Tier three we will again take advice from the Public Health Team but it is likely that much of our teaching will move online apart from essential face-to-face sessions necessary for professional practice learning on medicine and other healthcare programmes where students wear medical PPE.

“If Lincoln is moving between tiers we will take great care to communicate what is happening and how your timetable will change.”

For more information on Coronavirus and the Tier systems, visit the government website.

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