‘Together we are One Community’: UoL’s newest community values

The University has launched its brand new One Community Values scheme

In an effort to convey its most recent standing on inclusivity and diversity, in a statement to all staff and students, Lincoln has announced its latest principles which “all students are asked to commit to this year”. In a statement to all staff and students, the university discusses issues surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic as well as the Black Lives Matter movement.

Lincoln also detailed its plans to expand its One Community through areas such as sustainability, support for international students, and a new Friends for Life initiative that aim to improve campus opportunities and relationships for all students. The statement placed a heavy emphasis on equality, diversity, and inclusion throughout.

Here are all the key points Lincoln made on their One Community Values scheme:

One Community:

“The University of Lincoln is a vibrant community of scholars. Each of us bringing new knowledge, skills, and approaches to our university life. We welcome thousands of new members to our community each year and we benefit from sharing views and ideas from all around the globe.

“We actively seek to create One Community where, whoever you are, wherever you come from, you are part of our University and you can be safe enough to be challenged and supported to grow and develop. Wherever you are from, Lincoln is your home – a base for discovery, learning, and exploring your world and your future.”

The Five Principle Approach:

“These five principles, which were chosen by students and staff as part of a joint exercise by the University and the Students’ Union to refresh the former Respect Charter, aim to articulate what our One Community ethos means for how we interact with each other, and with people in the wider community. They are an important element of the Community Living Pledge which all students are asked to commit to this year as we seek to protect our community from the risks of Coronavirus.”


“We respect and value all members of our community and actively reject discrimination, seeking to promote equality for all. We value diversity and believe that while we are all different, each of us deserves equality of opportunity and the right to transparency in how we are treated.”


“We are all individuals, together as one community. As part of this, we recognise we have different opinions, outlooks, and philosophies. We try to understand other points of view, even if we disagree with them.”


“We give others our attention and respect and allow people the space to contribute to conversations. We listen to the quiet voices as well as the loud ones and speak up with them when we need to.”


“We are kind to other people in the words we choose and the actions we take, especially when nobody else is looking or we will not benefit personally.”


“We accept people for who they are and respect each person’s background, identity, beliefs, and differences. We appreciate the diverse range of experiences and perspectives in our community which strengthens it.”

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