Here are the best places to do the Tik Tok Ghost Challenge in Lincoln

I may be hitting 20 but this was too much fun to pass up on

If you have been anywhere near Tik Tok lately, and let’s face it you probably have, you may have heard about the Ghost Challenge. The goal? Don your white bedsheets and any fun accessories you have hiding in your closet (we know you have some funky looking shades somewhere, and if you didn’t dress up once for Quack last year then you’re lying – get that shit shirt on).

If you still have no clue what we’re on about, here’s an example of the Ghost photoshoot challenge making it’s round on Tik Tok.

The next part is where we come in, finding the best locations to flaunt your ghost attire can be difficult. We spent the day trekking around Lincoln for you and can give you a shortlist of five places we think you ought to try.

The West Common

Think of a Bronte novel, then dial back the atmosphere and add in a few rogue 12 year-olds playing football. An ideal space if you’re nervous about people seeing you where a bedsheet.

On Campus

If you’re feeling a little bold head by Minerva and get a few fun shots near The Swan. Or try the bridge between the David Chiddick Building and Towers and live in the spirit of club reps who would stalk this section of campus in previous years to advertise the next big event.

The Brayford

Sadly there were no swans when we visited, but if anyone can get a shot of their friend in their bedsheet being heckled by a swan in that would be iconic.

Steep Hill (or near enough)

Okay, so we didn’t go up THE Steep Hill, but we did go up Motherby Hill and I can promise you it was still steep enough to nearly induce an asthma attack.

The Cathedral and Castle 

Arguably the best place to pretend to be ghosts are these historic sites, and if you’ve already hiked up Steep Hill no one can tell how red in the face you are if you just keep your ghost-gear on.

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