Local legends the Carholme Chippy on how they made our food haven COVID-safe again

Student’s favourite Lincoln chippy speaks about how the virus has affected them

Carholme Chippy, owned by Nick Avraam perched on a corner off of Carholme Road, has been a go-to takeaway for Lincoln students for many years. From seeing fresher after fresher to suddenly a virus sweeping the city, this local Lincoln business had to adapt fast, and here’s how they’ve done it.

During the early lockdown stages in March, Nick closed his shop for nine weeks as he didn’t want to contribute to the spread of the virus.

Upon re-opening, he contacted Public Health England to discuss how to make his shop as safe as possible. New COVID measures were added which included painting points on the floor, to ensure social distancing, an ordering pod inside allowing one customer in the shop at a time as well as staff taking orders outside of the shop too, including deliveries.

Nick said, “cleaning throughout the shop was ramped up too, I introduced anti-COVID and bleach sprays. There’s a golden rule in the shop, anything you touch or see others touch you then clean and wipe the surface down.” Staff when entering the shop now must all now wear masks, wash hands, take temperatures, and wipe down their phones as soon as they arrive to prevent any possible spread of the virus.

Ordering pod, welcome in!

Even more, customers can be expected during the arrival of Lincoln Freshers and Nick wishes them to know they are welcomed with open arms (at a social distance), telling them to “come in! We have measures in place, wear a mask, and get some great food.”

What’s in the bag you ask? A battered mars bar of course

Nick has adapted his business for meat conscious customers with fried Tofu and banana blossom fish marinated in a secret recipe sauce as well as vegan curry and vegan chicken. Nick assures customers “we serve vegan food which means no cross-contamination, every vegan meal is cooked separately when we say vegan we mean vegan.” This chip shop shows no end to exploring new foods, if it can be fried- they will fry it.

The vegan menu! What a selection

It’s safe to say we’re more than glad to see this takeaway up and running once more. Be sure to pop in and order a battered mars bar or chip butty when you get the chance. You’ll be greeted by a happy set of staff ran by an owner who in the face of a virus, hasn’t allow fish Fridays to end.

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