These are the WORST meals made by Lincoln uni students

Buy a cooking book, PLEASE

University students are notoriously bad at cooking, the word ‘bad’ being a huge understatement, and that is certainly the case for students in Lincoln. We get it though, you’ve gone from home-cooked meals to a shared flat of 6, where do you start? Well, here’s a guide of what not to do. We’ve rounded the worst meals Lincoln uni students have made and submitted to Cygnet Kitchen Nightmares and they’re shockingly bad.

Ma’s cooking noodle weenie dogs, but you’re 18 it’s time to grow up

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Swipe to be offended x

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Jellied egg? This belongs in a museum, nice nails though

How can you ruin garlic bread this much?

This monster of a cook has added grapes to their pasta. Grapes.

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Once again @emmarodge_ has taken meatless Monday too far

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This reminds me of what my sick would look like after a night out

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Lock. @emmaaralls Up. Now. And throw away the key #disgracefulbehaviour

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Keeping it classy x

What’s going on? Why is it reflective?

The more you look the weirder it gets

Take it away, revoke this person’s kitchen rights

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@georgiavarnham Bloody disgraceful 🤮🤮🤮

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I’m not hungry anymore. At least you put the foil down

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Some Burnt Detty pig 🤮

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You’re the reason people think all uni students can’t cook

If this didn’t result in a fire alarm going off, you’re very lucky

Yep, I’ve seen enough now

To conclude, these are some of the worst meals ever created. Some were trying to be good but epically failed, others knew they were nasty from the very start. Preheat your oven’s as you need something to go with the dignity that you just burnt.

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