Uni of Lincoln to hold events for Black History Month

All of the events are going to be held online

The University of Lincoln plans to celebrate Black History Month this year with a series of virtual ‘thought-provoking events and activities to raise awareness and educate’.

These different events have been brought together through the Joint Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Partnership, which brings together different groups, including the Students’ Union. These activities and events have all been developed by The People of Colour Group and academics across the University.

The People of Colour Group was set up in June 2020 and is open to non-white staff at the University of Lincoln, and is the first non-white staff support group to be set up at the university.

The University of Lincoln has said, “We are incredibly excited to celebrate BHM as it provides the opportunity for all within our community to learn about a past, various cultures and people of which they may have little awareness. BHM also provides an opportunity to build on our One Community values to develop a diverse and inclusive community within the university and the wider community.

“These year’s celebrations are not about one month, but about launching an awareness that will run throughout the year.”

These events have been put together by the SU and university which includes a Decolonising the Curriculum Panel Discussion, and a Black History Month Netflix watch party.

Sade Sekoni, Lincoln SU’s BAME officer said, “Black History Month is important for all students and staff. It brings Black students from different backgrounds together, but also illuminates how much Black British History has shaped how everyone lives in the UK today.

“By properly celebrating Black History at the Students’ Union and the University of Lincoln, we are giving Black students the chance to be celebrated and recognised in this city and environment. The BAME committee and some societies closely linked to Black History Month have amazing activities planned including: compiling a recipe book, a cinema events and more for students and staff to get involved.

“This is only the starting point of what we have planned for Black History Month and the month promises an amazing calendar full of celebrations and good vibes.”