The time has finally come, we’ve crowned Lincoln’s BNOC 2020

Thank you to everyone who took part!

After four rounds, 12 nominees, we have finally concluded who Lincoln’s biggest BNOC truly is. He is everyone’s ‘favourite bloke with a bandana and a multitude of rings’.

The winner of Lincoln’s BNOC 2020 is…

Josh Browne, Music, Third Year

Instagram: @josh_browne329

Josh was pleasantly surprised when we told him about his win, saying: “Sweet as! I’m really really grateful that I’ve won and I want to thank the people of Lincoln.”

He told The Lincoln Tab, “I’ve seen them in their best states and their worst states working in the clubs and bars. One important message I have though that I think needs to be utilised on this platform is that what recently happened to Jacob Blake is abhorrent.

“The work of Black Lives Matter is still not done. We live in a world where this is just another loop in a viscous abhorrent cycle. More must be done and it starts with individuals. Start small and work your way up. Hold people accountable for their ignorance and incorrect behaviour. Black lives still matter even when you’re not seeing it slapped across your social media’s.

“In conclusion, I appreciate the love and support Lincoln has shown me and I can’t wait to see everyone for freshers! Peace and love to all of you, hope you’re keeping safe and healthy. Black Lives Matter!”

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