Meet Lincoln’s first ever Animal Crossing society

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Animal Crossing fever swept through the globe and many people came together online during the UK’s lockdown to play the game, occupying our lives whilst we were stuck at home with nothing to do. A University of Lincoln student, Rachelle Townley set up an Animal Crossing society to ‘help bring people together throughout COVID’ and it has since been accepted by the SU as an official society.

Rachelle told The Lincoln Tab, “I decided to set up the society in the middle of isolation as I’d saved up so much for the game to realise that the government will be locking down the UK, meaning I’d have to go home and couldn’t share my gameplay with any of my university friends anymore.

“I decided to set up the society as a digital way to make new friends and interact with people who were excited about the new release, as well as remembering the times we had on previous games. I never could have imagined the interest we’ve already had, I’m so excited to get the society properly running this coming academic year.

“We have thoughts of a dress-up social where members recreate looks from their favourite villagers, as well as this we want to create a real-life scavenger hunt around campus where people look for fossils that would be found in-game normally. There are lots of fun things in the works.”

President, Rachelle Townley, & Treasurer, Luke Ashton Holloway

Dharma, a member of the Animal Crossing society shared their excitement about the society, “I’m super happy that the society got set up because while I enjoy video games, I would much prefer joining specific societies that contain other people who have the same interest as me! Animal Crossing is my childhood and I am so grateful that I am able to make friends in that area of my life with other people who enjoy it as much as I do.”

Vice President, Ebony Colton

Alex, another University of Lincoln student said, “It’s so nice to have a society where I can meet people who play the same game and gives me the chance to play with others rather than play alone all the time.”
The fee is £5 to join the society if you already have insurance with other societies. However, if it is your first time joining a society, it is £12 to join.
You can join the society here.

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