Lincoln SU’s new scheme to help students with student housing

It will begin on the 11th of September

The University of Lincoln’s Student Union announced its new plans to protect and help its students who live in accommodation owned by private landlords and agencies separate from university-run accommodation.

This new scheme is planned to be activated on the 11th of September 2020 and will replace the current accreditation scheme put in place by the uni. The SU revealed that their new scheme “will work with landlords to ensure that students have access to safe, good quality properties in Lincoln and support students when it comes to signing contracts, communicating with their landlord, or facing maintenance issues.”

The scheme will also “encourage good communication between landlords and their student tenants and require high levels of support on maintenance issues and community responsibility”

Lucy Krogdahl, VP Wellbeing and Community at the Students’ Union has said:

“It is important that Lincoln students have access to an independent housing accreditation scheme that represents them and their interests in the city. As an SU we can support and represent students on more than just academic issues.

“Housing and accommodation is a large part of the student experience, and we aim to make sure that students are supported in this area. Our Accreditation Scheme will be robust and thorough, meaning that students can feel safe and confident when renting a property.”

The scheme will see a joint partnership between the Students’ Union Advice Centre, University Student Support Centre, and  Student Accommodation Services. These will be the first point of contact for students wanting housing advice about their student houses, landlord responsibilities, and housing rights.

Judith Carey, Academic Registrar of the University of Lincoln, added to the announcement, “The SU’s decision to introduce its own Student Housing Accreditation Scheme and to develop its accommodation advisory service will help to ensure  the high standards our students rightly expect are maintained in student housing across the city.”

Students at the University of Lincoln shared their thoughts on the accreditation scheme:

“I think its really positive what the SU have done. Often students don’t really know that much about housing rights. It’s especially confusing about Corona, so it should be really helpful it works out.”- Molly

“This sounds good as there are so many landlord horror stories with landlords that don’t help, this is a good system to make sure the landlords especially are going to do their job properly. It allows as safety net for students and advice by the SU in regards to housing issues they may not know much about.” -Jack

“I think it’s definitely a good idea. I actually thought this was already available from Student Services, but I’ve never really had to contact them so I’m not really in the know. I think it’s good of the SU to get involved since most students experience problems with student housing so it’ll be a valuable contribution to the SU’s services.”-Jess

“The fact that the university’s SU is launching a scheme that focused on student well being outside of studies is excellent. Working with properties means that students will have more of a positive experience when making housing choices and will feel more comfortable communicating with landlords.”-Travis

“I think an independent scheme that’s solely concerned with students’ safety is definitely needed. Students would definitely appreciate extra guidance when it comes to renting for the first time, and it would make me feel a lot safer and protected. I know from my experience a lot of landlords were just desperate for tenants, and you feel pressured into making a decision fast. I wasn’t aware at first that the university accredited properties, which would definitely have helped us to narrow down our options when we were looking for a house.”- Ellie

“Being a young student I’m a bit clueless on my housing rights. The recent scheme announced by the SU has been extremely beneficial. When I first had a look at the contract for my tenancy I had no clue where to start on it, or even what a lot of it actually meant. The SU scheme takes a lot of weight off my shoulders, knowing that they will try to protect me if my rights have been infringed – I will feel much more comfortable with where i’m living knowing that I can get help from the SU if needs be.”-Lucy

More information about the scheme is to be released soon.

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