Round 2 is here: Vote for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for this

You have all placed your votes on the first round of nominations for Lincoln’s BNOC 2020, and now it’s that time of week to vote again.

Here is round 2 of Lincoln’s BNOC’s 2020.

Seun Alaba, Law, Third Year

Instagram: @seun.alaba

Seun was described as being the ‘absolute daddy on campus’ and was nominated because he ‘deserves a mad shoutout and it’ll be funny to watch him guess who’s nominated him.’ Seun told The Lincoln Tab, “It’s cool seeing someone genuinely nominating me for this, I hope it was for good reasons and not for bad reasons. Also shoutout to Mollie Buckley and men’s Futsal.”

Favourite night out memory:

New Years Day getting absolutely blind drunk and getting rejected by a girl 7 years older than me because I was too young and I tragically said ‘let me prove to you that I’m not’

Most likely to be seen at:

Tower Bar or Spoons

Best night out in Lincoln:

It has to be Bull for sure. No other option should be considered.

Callum Gibson, Business, Second Year

Instagram: @gibace

Callum was described as being ‘the man, the myth, the legend’ and was nominated for ‘always being a big help’. Callum told The Lincoln Tab, “I’m known to students as your ambitious and creative business student, who never sleeps and is always working round the clock to be committed to supporting students, the University and the community in ever and any way possible.”

Favourite night out memory:

When hosting the Big White T-shirt social society and had over 120 people storm Trebles and then onto Union where we literally took over the nightclub, and did it again and flooded The Swan and Tower Bar with three other societies.

Most likely to be seen at:

Hugging the bull at the Superbull

Best night out in Lincoln:

Superbull, Superbull, Superbull!

Elisha Privett, Interior Design, Third Year

Elisha was described as being a ‘liability’ and was nominated by her pals for being an ‘Absolute mess of a girl and I love her’. Elisha told The Lincoln Tab, “I found it really funny when I found out I was nominated. I guess I’m a really friendly person and I honestly follow everyone and their nan from Lincoln on Instagram! If I even vaguely know someone that I see on campus, I’ll give them a smile and say hi.”

Favourite night out memory:

Probably after Quack, my best friend ended up back at mine and was going to sleep over but we were both still steaming and couldn’t stop laughing so we whacked on a couple of my hoodies and went running around Lincoln at like 4am.

Most likely to be seen at:

Quack or Superbull

Best night out in Lincoln:

Honestly can’t choose between Quack and Superbull, they’re both my true loves

Jared Walker, Audio Production, Third Year

Instagram: @jareth_walker

Jared was described as being a ‘big old bundle of joy’ and was nominated for being ‘an absolute unit’ by his friends. Jared told The Lincoln Tab, “Being nominated came as a huge surprise as I’ve always had confidence issues, and tend to fade into the background. This has shown me that clearly I’ve made a lasting impact on those around me!”

Favourite night out memory:

It was just before lockdown, my band had our first gig and after my close friends, girlfriend and I went to Keller and laughed, drank and celebrated on cloud nine. It was the best feeling to share the success with the people closest to me!

Most likely to be seen at:

Home nightclub

Best night out in Lincoln:

Probably one spent in, sounds cliche as hell but I love staying in with friends and staying up until the wee hours!

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