We asked Lincoln students how they felt about coming back to uni

Tution fees may be too much but we’ll still see them in October

With shops reopening, salons snipping hair, and pubs pouring pints again, students are preparing to return to university. It was previously reported how the University of Lincoln would be creating a safer environment for its students. We spoke to students at Lincoln who shared their views and concerns with us regarding this tentative transition.

Some were disheartened as online learning paired with online freshers events meant that the vibrant uni experience they had been sold may become a socially distant dream. Some students are angry at the thought of the city Freshers weeks going ahead, planned by nightclubs in Lincoln.

Lincoln’s SU has warned students against buying wristbands for the events, despite Lincoln Freshers (a separate organisation) having plans in case COVID-19 disrupts the events in October. Lincoln SU has said, “Alongside the University, we have become aware that some organisations outside of the Students’ Union and University are promoting ‘Freshers’ events and we strongly advise students not to purchase tickets for any large scale events that are being promoted across Lincoln.”

Lincoln Freshers has offered risk-free wristband sales. In a statement, they said, “We are continually monitoring the ongoing Coivd-19 situation and taking advice from governing bodies and local authorities.

“We are confident in the dates advertised. However, If Covid-19 developments cause the dates to be moved, your wristband will be fully valid for the new dates. If freshers is postponed you will be given the option to move your wristband to the new dates or request a refund.

“If freshers is cancelled altogether you can request a full refund.”

“I think we should have a reduction in fees”

“Personally I didn’t pay to have uni the way it’s being set out and I think we should have a reduction in fees, I didn’t sign up for this. I also think it’s a little scary that freshers is still happening.

“How is it supposed to work with all the students at uni participating in the freshers events. Clubs  haven’t got the room to allow for social distancing, which means some students will miss out and I personally don’t think that’s very  fair.– Lilly

“I’m not the best with online ‘home’ learning”

“I am starting this year and freshers isn’t really my thing anyway (way too many people). I am just not the best with online ‘home’ learning so the online lectures are really not my thing either.

“Also setting back the start date by a month is messing my accommodation up. As my tenancy begins in August I have to find a month’s rent in between at getting maintenance and with COVID.

“Hopefully, they will wait until the maintenance loan comes in” – Jacey

Similarly to this, Bethan told The Lincoln Tab, “It’s disgusting that in the city freshers are allowed to sell tickets”

A student from the University of Lincoln said, “The SU made the correct and sensible decision to cancel freshers, whereas irresponsible city nightclubs are going ahead and selling freshers wristbands.”

“I depend on physical lectures to get me out of bed”

“I think if the uni is learning how to use the online learning platforms and managing to put out more ebooks/online journals then they online learning side won’t be so bad, but I depend on physical lectures to get me out of bed.

“So I’m not sure how that’s going to go, I don’t agree with freshers going ahead, but I would hope that the government decide a reduction fee would be suitable as 9k is SO much money considering we aren’t being provided with everything”– Lucy

“A reduction in fees is necessary”

“I don’t mind the limitations as long as it means that we do get a somewhat hands-on experience of uni instead of it all being online. However, I do feel that a reduction in fees is necessary.

“While our uni isn’t handling it as bad as it could it’s still not what we signed up for it’s not worth paying £9k” – Dawid

“The University is doing everything they can to ensure our safety”

“Although it won’t be the experience  promised to most fresher’s at least we will still be able to reunite with our friends thanks to the measures that the university has put in place.

“With the tepees and frequent hand sanitisation pumps on campus, I feel that the university is doing everything they can to ensure our safety”- Sorana

“Fresher’s week  is essential to meet new people”

“Without a reliable platform for freshers to communicate and socialise outside of the online events, some may be reluctant to make that move in October as moving to Uni is stressful without the COVID situation.

“Fresher’s week is essential to meet new people, it’s all about networking, escaping your comfort zone and meeting others which is difficult to do online especially  with a bad WiFi connection coming through”– Amber

“Hopefully the situation becomes safer”

“If the Uni could properly implement online chat rooms then it would be great, but not all lecturers know how to use the technology to its full advantage which then puts students at a disadvantage.

“Hopefully as time goes on and the situation becomes safer face to face lectures will continue” – James

“We have no idea what’s happening with our dissertations”

“The fact that third years have no idea what’s going on is scary, we have no idea what’s happening with our dissertations let alone our modules. And this is if we do go back in October!”– Charlotte

“They’ve been pretty cucked”

“I feel sorry for first years, they’ve been pretty cucked.” – Callum

“Great first impression”

“Overall I’m disappointed but I am still happy to be attending some form of the Uni experience. Going to make a great first impression attending my lectures from my bed” – Tom

A spokesperson for the University of Lincoln said, “Students have always been at the heart of what we do at Lincoln. We want our new and returning students to be confident that our campuses are safe places to study.

“For the new term this October, our aim is to provide an on-campus learning experience with teaching delivered through a mixture of face-to-face and online sessions. There will be social activities in place for students too – all in line with appropriate social distancing and fully adhering to any changes in government guidance.

“We will be taking an ‘agile’ approach, so we can adjust the balance of online and face-to-face activities as circumstances change.

“On campus, there will be some physical differences – all designed to keep our university community safe. For example, one-way systems will operate in some buildings, additional hand sanitising points will be available and there will be markings in corridors and around the campus to aid social distancing.

“Teaching timetables and spaces will be adapted to enable social distancing for face-to-face classes.

“We know that as well as learning, university life is about meeting new people, making friends, and having fun. We are working with our Students’ Union to ensure the Lincoln experience remains fun, fulfilling, and safe when students come back to campus, including a mix of physical and virtual events.

“ Of course all our plans will incorporate social distancing requirements in place at the time to help keep our community safe as we all adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Lincoln Freshers has been contacted for comment.

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