University of Lincoln to demonstrate solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement

“We must acknowledge the central truth of this movement, that some people appear to be more valued than others”

After the murder of George Floyd on May the 25th, thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest, signed petitions, and/or donated money to demonstrate their solidarity for the black lives matter movement and to hold racist attitudes to account. As institutions of education, it is essential that universities challenge ignorant and racist mentalities through teaching in the aim to create a more equitable environment for all students but especially for those from different cultural backgrounds.

In a joint statement with the Student’s Union, the University of Lincoln said:

“Universities welcome people from all around the world and diversity should be one of the greatest strengths of the Higher Education sector. At Lincoln we celebrate the diversity, experiences and global insight which our staff and students bring. They provide a valuable and rich tapestry, underpinning our academic teaching and learning environment.

“Right now is a critical time for the black community to be supported by all of us. It is a time for us all to stand together. Recent events have reminded us of the inequalities and prejudice that people from minority backgrounds around our world experience.

“Today, and every day, there is a need to show solidarity and unity. As such the University of Lincoln reaffirms that it does not tolerate racism or hatred in any form. All of us have a role to play. Only by uniting against discrimination can we support one another as one community.”

“All of us have a role to play.”

In another email to students and staff, the University of Lincoln and Students’ Union will be kneeling for five minutes for the Black Lives Matter Movement.

“All of us, staff and students alike, need to stand firm against racism and intolerance. Universities need to be beacons for the community, representing all that is best in humanity and standing against its vulgarities.

This Thursday, 4th June, at 9.25am the University of Lincoln and the Students’ Union will make a collective gesture of unity, support and solidarity and will Kneel for Black Lives for 5 minutes. Join us, wherever you are in the world, and kneel and together we will make a statement that #BlackLivesMatter.
We will be streaming on our website and social media channels so please participate in whatever way you choose. Please use your social media feed; whether Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and kneel with us.”

“We must acknowledge the central truth of this movement, that some people appear to be more valued than others”

Lincoln’s SU further commented stating that they have always been and will “always be an advocate for diversity, welcoming and supporting students of all races.
“It is important for all members of the Lincoln community to feel safe and supported, and to know that they are surrounded by allies within the SU, university and student-body.”

The Lincoln School of Psychology also offered their support: “We are committed to the principles of social justice, fairness and equality. We recognise that institutional practices such as racism and sexism exist and we are alert, ready and willing to address these disparities.

As a school we are content to be not racist but actively anti-racist knowing we need to recognise unconscious bias, white privilege and white fragility. To our black students and other BAME students we do not expect you to be responsible for educating us about racism; it is our responsibility to educate ourselves”.

Here are some more ways to help:

◘ Sign the petition

◘ Donate to bail funds

◘ Educate yourself on the Black Lives Matter Movement

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