Lincoln students share their last ‘normal’ uni pics

If we’re being honest, it’s the swans we miss the most


As we all begin to lose count of which week of lockdown we’re in, the memories of fire alarms being set off in halls, a tactical chunder, and ordering a cheeky Domino’s even though there’s pasta in the cupboard keep coming to mind as we reminisce our time cut short at uni.

Last week, the BBC shared a series of ‘normal’ photos from before lockdown was implemented. In true Tab fashion, we asked Lincoln students to share the last normal photo they took whilst at uni.

Last pres of the year without even knowing it

You weren’t really having fun if your pres didn’t have a disco light.


A bromance no lockdown can break

A final embrace whilst making cookie dough, this bond can never be broken. A time before social distancing.

@cro_dnb @matthew_811

The last pint at Tower Bar

Flat-screen TVs, Pool tables, what isn’t there to love about Tower Bar?


That final walk up Steep Hill

Despite the walk, that feeling of accomplishment once you’ve reached the top can never be replaced.


Last time posing in the Home mirrors

Bonding with other girls in the club toilets is the real highlight of the night lets be real.


Last photo from a night out

We can all collectively agree we’ve all had a photo outside these angel wings.

@katieehukins @jessica_t_r

Ah, the imp

Yes, we are all definitely thinking it.


Last Silent Disco @ Home

Not as silent as you’d expect but a vibe nonetheless.

@charlottelucy2 @sorana.i.bran


Pretty sure they must be wondering why no one is about taking photos of them. Miss you more than halloumi fries at Tower Bar x


It’s safe to say we miss our swan city a great deal and we can’t wait until we can go back to walking along the Brayford and downing VKs at every night out we get.