The best dissertation pics from Lincoln’s lockdown class of 2020

Writing your dissertation is always hard but coming up with a witty Instagram caption that hasn’t been done before? Impossible.


Usually, dissertation writing comes with meticulous planning, more hours spent in the library than spent in bed but this year came with added challenges, not being able to celebrate with friends or having access to the needed resources made 2020 all the more testing but that did not stop these third years from completing their dissertation.

Missing out on Quack and reluctantly passing on that invitation to spoons. These third years managed to finish their essays and produce these amazing dissertation pics.

So in true Tab fashion, we rounded up the best dissertation pics that our swan city had to offer!

Oliver, Media Production

Here’s to finally being able to sleep again.

Emily, Media Studies

Flexing in STYLE.

 Jade, Forensic Science

Staying alert at ALL costs.

Jordan, Sports & Exercise Science

Thinking about going on that obligatory gap year but can’t because of lockdown? This guy has got it sorted and he’s taking his dissertation with him. Show it off, you deserve it.

Chris, Sports & Exercise Science

The Brayford improvisation is a must.

Guy, Business & Marketing

Top marks for the photoshop.

Abbie, English

Time for some mindfulness with a scenic background to help you forget the months of just meeting deadlines and slow internet connection. She’s even thrown a pun in there for good measure.

Cal, Computer Science

He is taking absolutely no risks.

If only dissertation grades were based on the effort put into taking the photos afterward, these guys would definitely be passing with first-class honours.