This is how Lincoln looks during lockdown

We used our one hour’s exercise to bring you these pictures

Lockdown has been ongoing for over a month now, and sights that were once an everyday occurrence are beginning to feel like a distant memory.

So, if you’re missing walking along the Brayford, window shopping through town on your lunch break, or wandering the Cathedral quarter, this is the article for you.

The Brayford looking glorious at sunset, miss u wagas x

Do NOT miss climbing those stairs, though

Wonder how the geese are getting on


What I’d do to be able to wait at this crossing for what feels like 5 hours, when I’m already running late for uni

Another bridge that I absolutely despise walking over

What a lovely road to stumble home drunk down x

Mailbox is the light at the end of the street

Eerily empty

At this point I’m usually too busy dreading the walk up Steep Hill to enjoy the view

At least there’s no one about to watch you struggle up the hill

So very quiet

The grand finale x